Welcome to your newest weekly review. Starting now, you will get freshly delivered MLW reviews every week covering the insane action and hybrid style wrestling on offer. This week saw a grudge match play out between the Von Erichs and CONTRA Unit and a main-event that saw “Filthy” Tom Lawlor take on the technical wrestling powerhouse Davey Boy Smith Jr. It looked set to be a stacked show so let’s get into it.

Marshall von Erich defeated Ikuro Kwon (w/ Josef Samael) via DQ

Marshall couldn’t even make his entrance as Ikuro Kwon threw himself over the ropes during the Von Erich’s entrance. He didn’t keep the advantage though as the pissed off Marshall started laying in strikes and punishing the CONTRA hitman. Kwon regained control though as Josef Samael interfered and tripped Marshall. The pair started trading strikes with Kwon pulling out a brutal combination of palm strikes. Marshall rebounded and sank Kwon with a powerful Spinebuster before sinking in the Iron Claw. Before Kwon could tap, Samael rushed the ring and attacked Marshall prompting a DQ. The Von Erichs won but they were not happy with the result. Samael was probably gleaming as he ruined Marshall’s big retribution match and gave them a very flimsy victory over CONTRA. I doubt this will be their last encounter. I’d say more about this match but it was very short and not a lot happened. CONTRA wanted to undermine The Von Erichs and succeeded.

Following the match, we got a Lifestyles of the Rich and the Famous with the Dynasty. MJF had had Botox following the Iron Claw from Marshall and was hiding his face from Richard Holliday. It had not gone well at all and Holliday begged him to put the hand back. Alexander Hammerstone appeared to drop a gift train on MJF and Holliday but refused to tell them what it is. He did promise that it will be huge though, the biggest gift MLW has ever seen. This led into…

Dominick Garrini & Douglas James defeated The Dynasty (Richard Holliday & Alexander Hammerstone) via Count Out

Richard Holliday continued Dynasty tradition and ran down the match before their match could happen. Once again, the crowd was not worthy to share their air and Holliday had to take a call from his lawyer/dad. He hung up and tried to silence the crowd once again and ran down their MMA heavy opponents. Once the in-ring action started, Holliday tried to belittle Garrini and nearly suffered a Cross Arm Breaker. Holliday tagged out and brought in the “meat castle” Alex Hammerstone. He targeted Douglas James after an initial onslaught of submission attempts from the MMA duo. The Dynasty wore down James, forcing him to fight back against the much stronger and heavier Hammerstone whilst Holliday comes in at his leisure.

Eventually, the match got back to Garrini who had a hot tag section and managed to kick out of Holliday’s 2008. The match spilled to the outside and the ref starts counting. It got to around 19 and James just to say beat the count, earning his team the win. The Dynasty was furious with Hammerstone storming off and Holliday going after the referee. This was a much more fulfilling match than the opener and I loved the continuous douchebaggery from the Dynasty. It was nice to see the MMA duo of James and Garrini get the win even if it wasn’t under the most convincing circumstances.

We cut backstage to the Von Erichs and Tom Lawlor who had hold of a package. It contained a phone with a video from CONTRA Unit leader, Josef Samael. He delivered a message stating that ONE of the Von Erichs may face his monster Jacob Fatu as violence is always the answer to any problem. The Von Erichs were left with a tough choice to make. The envelope also contained a contract which Marshall quickly signed. The match will be for the MLW World Heavyweight Championship at MLW on Thanksgiving.

We got a video package for King Mo who will be debuting with the company soon. He was also ringside to watch the next match.

“Filthy” Tom Lawlor defeated Davey Boy Smith Jr via Elbow Driven Backbreaker

What can be said about this match? If you love MMA infused, technical bouts with heavy striking elements then this was perfect for you. Since I liked that style of match, I have thoroughly enjoyed watching Lawlor and Davey Boy Smith Jr beat the shit out of each other in a well-paced lengthy bout. This saw the duo get to do what they do best with a constant feeling of escalation and desperation as the bout went on. The pair started respectfully enough with some technical trading and grappling before ratcheting up into submissions and striking.

The final stage saw more frenzied striking, power moves and attempted finishers thrown into the mix before Lawlor, be it intentional or not, poked Davey Boy Smith Jr in the eye and managed to set up for the win since Smith was disorientated. It meant he got the win but the commentary was dubious about his motives. It was a big win over Lawlor as he got the W over someone people believe would be one of his biggest challenges. Not to mention Davey Boy had him on the ropes so many times that it made sense he would use an eye poke to secure a win. It was a very exciting bout for fans of that wrestling style.

After the match, Lawlor let the MLW crowd know he only had a few weeks left on his contract and he had no idea what the future held for him just yet. He has the keys to his next step and did not confirm or deny that he would re-sign with the company. Only time will tell (MLW’s CEO Court Bauer since confirmed Lawlor has left the company).

So, there you have it, the first official SteelChair MLW Fusion review (bar my deathmatch Slaughterhouse showcase) and, hopefully, the first of many to come. This episode started on shaky footing but soon recovered delivering two strong matches and producing intrigue along the way. Next week show promises to continue the huge fight feel as we get the first Women’s division match between Zeda Zhang and The Spider Lady, and the final chapter in the Warner/Havoc saga as the pair prepares to fight under Falls count anywhere rules. The duo could literally fight anywhere in Orlando. That is a fight I am looking forward to covering.

All images/Tweets courtesy of MLW Twitter, Videos courtesy of MLW YouTube