We’re coming towards the end of the year. The clocks have gone forward (back-forward – who knows?!) It’s getting colder, and the Christmas ads have started. You’re gonna need some straight fire to warm you up in the form of MSRY, our Introducing Band of the Month for November.

Names: Kial Churcher (vocals), Charlie Bishop (guitar), Harvey Lake (bass), Keir French (drums).

From: Kial, Keir, and Charlie are from Oxford, and Harvey is from Bedford.

Your sound: A wall of noise that continues to slam your head over and over again.

For fans of: Cancer Bats, The Chariot, Stray From The Path, While She Sleeps and Beartooth.

A fact about each of you: Kial is a graphic designer on the side. Keir runs a recording studio, which is where MSRY HQ is based, and all of our recordings take place. Charlie has a tattoo of Snoop Dogg on his upper thigh, and he works with robots most days, so he’s gonna be the guy we go to if Skynet takes effect. Harvey is multi-instrumental and talented as hell with a side-project called Ruina.

You all met: We’ve all been in bands around the scene for a long, long time. Kial and Keir met at the local hotspot, The Wheatsheaf, to form the band. Charlie got enlisted a few months afterwards, and we met Harvey in Luton while playing with TRC at the tail end of 2018. We overcharged him for a T-Shirt, so we thought he might as well join the band instead of getting a refund.

The band name came from: Kial and Keir wanted something that described our feelings about life at the time. We ended up with ‘Misery’ but took the vowels out because we thought it looked cool. It just kinda stuck from there.

So far you’ve released: Our debut EP MSRY in 2017, then in 2018, we released the Safety First EP, and now we’re releasing our third EP, Loss.

The best show you’ve played so far: Opening for Cancer Bats in Oxford earlier this year was just wild. Playing alongside one of our favourite bands and it being in our hometown was just the carnage that we expected.

The worst show you’ve played so far: I think that would have to be one of the shows we did on our first tour. I think Basingstoke was a bad one. We played to nobody for a few of those shows, and we all started being angsty towards each other when it came to that day. Luckily enough, it was near the end of the tour, so we all simmered down afterwards.

Coming up: We’re releasing our new EP Loss on November 8th and heading off on tour with our friends in Tether. starting November 18th. Then we’ve got a couple of other tours lined up for 2020, so be on the lookout for those!

‘Loss’ is out tomorrow, get it here. MSRY’s tour kicks off later this month. Full dates are below:

     Nov 18 – Oxford, The Library
     Nov 19 – Liverpool, Jacaranda Basement
     Nov 20 – Leicester, The Shed
     Nov 21 – Birmingham, Subside
     Nov 22 – Bournemouth, The Anvil
     Nov 23 – Luton, The Castle Tavern
     Nov 24 – London, The Unicorn