Lande Hekt

Lande Hekt of Exeter punks Muncie Girls is about to release Gigantic Disappointment, her debut solo EP. VH caught up with her to find out all about it.

Hi Lande, how’s it going?

Hello! Yeah, pretty good thank you. 

How has your 2019 been so far?

It’s been really weird actually but good! I spent the first part in Australia, and then Muncie Girls toured in Europe with Basement and Culture abuse, and then again with The Get Up Kids.

Are you squeezing any excitement into the final few months of the year?

I’m going on tour as Lande Hekt with Soot Sprite in November. We’re playing in Bristol, Exeter, Southampton, Brighton, and London.

Tell me about your debut EP?

I recorded it while I was in South Australia earlier this year with my friend Ben David from The Hard Aches. Some of the songs I’ve had for ages and I knew that they wouldn’t quite work as Muncie Girls songs, and a few of them I wrote once I’d decided to make the record.

Were there certain themes that inspired the songwriting?

Yeah, there are a few different themes in these songs. I was seeing someone really far away at the time; I was thinking a lot about climate change for the first time, and also anxiety. Oh, and giving up drinking is another theme.

How different is the process from writing for Muncie Girls?

The process starts off the same where I write a song usually on an acoustic guitar, but then instead of bringing it to band practice and developing it with Dean and Luke, I just wrote the other parts in the studio.

Did playing and writing parts for multiple instruments make the recording process stressful?

I wouldn’t say it was any more stressful than what I’m used to. On the last Muncie record, I played bass, guitar, acoustic guitar, sang, and played keys. It’s just a lot of work, but it’s really nice to be able to play exactly what I want and shape the songs in the way that I want.

How do these songs sound live?

I’ve only played one show with a full band, and I think it sounded pretty similar to the recording. I originally intended for the songs to sound a bit quieter and more subdued, but that didn’t work, so I’m just rolling with it.

Does the current political climate help or hinder you as a musician?

I think as the world gets harder to live in and problems get harder to ignore, it’s easy to write sad songs, and so in a way that’s helpful. But at the same time, being in a band is way harder. Everything costs so much and is so stressful; there’s less time to fuck around in a band and go off on tour. Touring internationally is about to get way harder, and all of these things affect energy levels. I think the current political climate hinders absolutely everything.

What are you listening to at the moment?

At the moment, I’m enjoying the new Big Thief record. I loved the most recent Sacred Paws record. I’m still constantly listening to The Replacements and The Raincoats, and obviously, the most recent Martha record is still getting played.

Do you have any stand out releases from 2019 so far?

I like the new Cult Dreams album, the latest Woahnows album, and the new Radiator Hospital.

Catch Lande Hekt live on the following dates:

     Nov 18th – Bristol, Exchange (w/ Soot Sprite)
     Nov 18th – Liverpool, The Cavern Club (w/ Soot Sprite)
     Nov 21st – Brighton, The Rossi Bar (w/ Soot Sprite)
     Nov 22nd – London, Sister Midnight Records