Hot Chelle Rae

After Hot Chelle Rae dropped the news that they were coming back last December, we’ve all been waiting patiently for them to give us something more. Anything.

It had fans of polished pop rock the world over wondering if it would it be another case of a band announcing a reunion and then going silent, never to make good on promises; leaving our hearts shattered into a million tiny nostalgic pieces (*cough* Every Avenue, *cough* Francesqa).

After 11 whole months of silence across the band’s socials and frontman Ryan Follese posting photos of cute dogs and him sunning himself on Instagram, the band have finally announced that Hot Chelle Rae will, in fact, be releasing new music this Friday – the first Hot Chelle Rae music released since 2014. They’ve even made a band Instagram account – welcome to band life in 2019, boys.

I Hate LA

The track is titled, ‘I Hate LA’ and we can’t wait for them to finally stop using the word ‘soon’.

After MCR announced their big news last Thursday, it seems it’s reunion season.

Pre-save ‘I Hate LA’ here. Keep up to date with the band via Facebook and Twitter. Or Ryan Follese’s own Instagram if you also want pics of cute doggos. Here’s a major throwback to 2013, (you’re welcome):