With Confidence

I sat down with Jayden Seeley and Inigo Del Carmen of Australian (former?) pop-punk band With Confidence, exactly 364 days since I last caught up with them. We reflected on the year gone by, and talked about where they hope they’ll be in another year from now.

So, it’s been exactly a year since the last interview. Tell me everything about the last year. Everything.

Jayden: A lot of touring. We did a full US tour with Broadside. We did a bunch of Asian stuff, which was really cool. We went to a bunch of new places for the very first time. It was cool to experience new countries and new cities that we’ve never played in, this far into the band. We’re on album two now, and we’ve been a band for, I think, seven years now. And to still be able to go to new places, and visit really cool things and meet new people is really, really cool. And just a bunch of writing. We’ve been writing for album number three. We’re at that point now in the album cycle where it’s time to look forward, I guess.

Out of all the new places you visited, where was your favourite?

Inigo: Thailand is sick. Taiwan was sick. Everywhere was sick. I loved Taiwan, that was cool. Seeing the wetlands, as well, was hectic. A landscape you’ve never seen before is so cool to see. We had limited time in Thailand; we tried to see as many temples as we could, but it turned out to be the King’s day, as well. So a lot of the temples were closed.

Jayden: Everyone was out on the streets wearing yellow.

Inigo: Yeah, we couldn’t take this one ferry to this other temple because we weren’t wearing yellow.

Jayden: It was really cool to experience, though.

What was your favourite part of touring in general?

Jayden: I guess it depends per the country, really. Every country has its highlight, I think. As for the UK, I really love Travelodges and Wetherspoons.


Jayden: Yeah, of course! And I really love Gregg’s now that they have the veggie sausage rolls. Oh my God, so fucking good. But yeah, I guess different things by region. There’s always good in everything, I think.

What’s been your proudest achievement of the past year?

Inigo: Playing a new place that we haven’t played before, like Taiwan. Out of all the countries you’d think we’d go to, Taiwan was not one, but it turned out to be sick. Thailand, as well. Just still being able to play a new place is cool because I really love the travelling aspect of touring because you get to see the world, and it gives you perspective, which is sick.

The new music. Tell me about it.

Jayden: It’s early days, for sure. We’re doing a lot of experimentation. I would say that we are 100% moving away from pop-punk. I think that’s one of the big things for us. But yeah, a lot of experimentation more into an alternative scene, I guess. But I’m really excited [for] the new direction. How would you explain it, Ini?

Inigo: I feel like this is something I’ve wanted to do for a while. Like, carry the music in a different direction. Because I feel like we couldn’t really do it before because I feel we were trying to write for a certain direction. Right now, I feel like I’ve been trying to not box myself in, so I’m just gonna write whatever comes to my head, and if I like it then I like it, and then that’s when I put it on the fucking album [laughter]. So it’s going to be different for sure. Well, hopefully, it’s different, and hopefully, it’s unique, and that’s what I want to strive for, but we’ll see what happens. That’s the beauty of making a record. It’s just putting everything in the mix; seeing how everything comes out in the end.

It’s funny because I was saying the other day that most pop-punk bands shy away from pop-punk on the third album. It’s always the third!

Jayden: Yeah, I think you have to, you know.

Jayden, you were working on some music projects outside of the band the last time I spoke to you. How did those all go?

Jayden: Really, really great. I think getting into writing [and] production is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while. And I think just in the last year I’ve kicked myself into shape and really strived for it. A lot of cool stuff; I’m working with a lot of cool bands that people would know. I can’t say too much because a lot of things are in the works. But a lot of cool bands; a lot of cool songs, and I’m really excited for 2020 because there’s going to be a lot of stuff that I’ve worked on coming out that is outside of With Confidence, which is really, really cool to see and experience. It’s something new, for sure.

What do you miss most about Australia as a country when you’re away?

Inigo: Beaches. I fucking miss beaches. You don’t really know what you miss until you’ve been gone for that long and then, you know what, I miss being able to go to a nice beach. Like, a nice beach. Because I don’t want to tear down anyone else’s beaches but…

But Brighton only has pebbles and no sand.

Inigo: [Laughter] I mean, it’s a nice beach – it’s definitely really nice. But Australia’s beaches are like, so nice. I can’t describe it. Out of all the beaches I’ve been to, Australia still has the nicest beaches. That and my family.


You’re on tour with Roam on a co-headline. I asked them this earlier, so now I have to ask you. What’s your favourite Roam song?

Jayden: I like ‘I Don’t Think I Live There Anymore’. I really like ‘Toy Box’. The new album is really fucking cool!

Inigo: I’d say the whole new album. I love it.

Jayden: That’s their third album, right?


Jayden: See, that’s exactly it, yeah!

It was actually in the review for that album where I said about straying from pop-punk on a third album! So what’s on your band bucket list? What are your main goals looking ahead?

Jayden: I really wanna play South America. I think that would be a really cool thing that we haven’t done before. And I have to say New Zealand as well because we’ve been so close. We live right next to New Zealand, and we’ve never toured there! I would like to do that. I feel bad.


Jayden: A little bit [laughter].

Inigo: I’d say play more places we haven’t played yet. Or try to achieve all the continents, like Africa.

What about Antarctica?

Inigo: Ah yeah! I’d do that. Shit, I love the cold, man.

Jayden: You wouldn’t even get hot during the set, it’s beautiful.

Inigo: We actually played a set like that somewhere in Texas in like, the middle of November.

Jayden: It was like, three degrees or something, and we played outside.

Inigo: Outside, no fucking covers, no nothing. There was a heater in one corner of the stage. You could feel your fingers, and then you’d go over to the heater and heat them up and come back and be like, “Alright, I’m good.” You’d button up your jacket, and you’re all in hoodies; it was the sickest set.

Last question. I asked this one last year, so I’m going to ask it again. Where do you hope you’ll be in another year from now?

Jayden: What did I say last time, do you remember?

I think you said that as long as you’re still playing shows around the world and as long as people still like your music and are still coming to shows, then you’d be happy, and that’s all that you could ask for.

Jayden: Aw, well that’s sick, we’re doing the thing! That’s really nice! A year from now, what do you think, Ini?

Inigo: [That] we’re fully still touring. [That] we’ll have an album that’s a fucking ripper.

Jayden: Yeah, I would say album. To have the album out and be super stoked and super proud of what we’ve done. That would be the big one. That’s what I want.

Maybe we’ll be sitting here again this time next year for the third year in a row!

Inigo: Yeah, you never know!

Jayden: That’d be cool!

Watch the video for their latest single, ‘Pâquerette (Without Me)’ below. Keep up with the band via Facebook and Twitter.