The return of one song a week can only mean one thing; the return of VH favourite Frank Hamilton. During his unorthodox career that has spanned over a decade there have been highs and lows; starting with success on Myspace and taking in sold out tours, social media disappearances and a very potent release rate this could be the project that sees FH stick around for good.

Frank has been away for a little while and on world mental health day his single “Fuck Up”  (the second song from One Song a Week II). Again as the title of the project suggests there will be one new Frank Hamilton song a week released through all major download platforms and if the first OSAW is anything to go by you are in for a treat. The last project included some incredible songs and some amazing guests including Newton Faulkner, Ed Sheeran and Dion Dublin (with his dube).

Fuck Up is a stark, intimate journey into the mind of your inner critic and was recorded at 4am with the sound of waking birds. “It’s the only time I’ve ever felt the need to call my parents and explain the song before they heard it – tell them I’m okay and stuff” says Frank. “I guess it’s about that sense of guilt we feel as children towards our parents, who’ve done their best to give us a good start in life. The weight of expectation and that horrible nagging feeling that you’ve fucked up in some way, even if you’ve no idea how”.

For a deeper look into the song there is a Frank (sorry) discussion on Frank’s Instagram and IGTV  

‘Fuck Up’ follows on from week 1’s ‘Beating Yourself Up’, which followed a similar but less introspective theme. This song was accompanied by a Windows 95 style lyric video and is a short sharp reminder not to be so hard on yourself in FH’s words : “I’ve always been quite hard on myself but these days I’m a lot better”


You can find out more about One Song a Week 2 and Frank on his website (which currently has a pleasing retro vibe)