By now, the class of 2022 has been through at least a week of wild partying, microwave meals, and general regretful behaviour. As things start to get serious, (i.e., you have to start actually going to classes), Sam and Miles from Roam have shared their top 6 tips for surviving your first year of university to make sure that you have a solid chance of actually making it to graduation in three years.

1. Keep up your Vitamin C intake

“If you’re gonna drink a lot, you’re gonna get tired. If you’re gonna get tired, you’re gonna get ill, so make sure you eat your oranges; keep up your Vitamin C intake” – Sam.


2. Stay hydrated

“Stay hydrated if you’re drinking a lot; drink lots of water” – Sam.


3. Don’t be a creep

“Don’t try to be really lad-dy and be a creep. Don’t do that” – Miles.


4. Keep your room tidy

Don’t live in absolute squalor. Make sure you’re good to live with; otherwise, people will fucking hate you. It’s kind of like being in a band. There’s people I love as people, but I think, if I had to be in a band and go on tour and live with you, I’d hate you” – Miles.


5. Don’t do drugs


6. Listen to ‘Smile Wide’

“Listen to ‘Smile Wide’ every day in your lessons” – Sam.


‘Smile Wide’ is out now. Watch the video for ‘I Don’t Think I Live There Anymore’ below. Keep up to date with the band via Facebook and Twitter.