What a wedding Brian Cage and Melissa Santos had to go through last week… You had nothing more to expect from Sami Callihan than to come ruin the ceremony or the party. We are now 14 days till Bound For Glory, the temperature is climbing between the wrestlers. Cage and Callihan will be a hell of a match, without any shadow of a doubt. Bound For Glory is the PPV where Sami Callihan made his debut 2 years ago and the one where he handed Cage his first loss ever on Impact Wrestling last year. Good omen or ill omen, we’ll know in 2 weeks…
On the menu of Impact this week, from Las Vegas, Nevada, Tenille Dashwood will face both Kiera Hogan and Madison Rayne in a Triple Threat match. The newest addition of Impact roster Daga will face Chris Bey to earn a spot in the X-Division title Ladder match at Bound for Glory. Michael Elgin will square off with TJP. We’ll hear from Sami Callihan who put a little bit too much of bubbly in Brian Cage’s wedding last week and messed up “you can kiss the bride” with “you can kill the bride.” So no more words, let’s get ready for some action, but your French Enygma Steph way, of course…

The Nygma’s Chart of the Week

  • Sami Callihan and oVe entered the building surrounded by security. Dave Crist said Sami will address his actions from last week in the ring.
  • Tenille Dashwood defeated Madison Rayne and Kiera Hogan.
  • Eddie Edwards was talking to Tommy Dreamer. He believed Reno Scum drugged him at the wedding, but Tommy didn’t believe him. Dreamer said he’ll always have his back though. Edwards chose his tag team partner for the night, in Kenny 3.0 the kendo stick.

  • Johnny Swinger defeated Owen Travers.
  • The North told Gabby Loren they pay attention to competition and know Rich Swann and Willie Mack are in contention. Ethan Page said he and Josh Alexander have proved they are the real best tag team in the world and they will prove it again at Bound For Glory. Gabby told them they’ll also face Rhino and Rob Van Dam at some point, which angered Page.
  • Tessa Blanchard looked upset backstage. Gabby Loren asked Tessa how she feels, and she told Sami Callihan is a scumbag and everything that is wrong with Impact Wrestling. He only cares about himself, but she’s on a mission and all of oVe have a target on their backs.

  • Ace Austin expressed his concern to Alisha Edwards. He thought she was being abused (by Eddie) and offered help if she needs it. Although she isn’t, Alisha thanked him for the gesture anyways.
  • Eddie Edwards & Kenny the kendo stick defeated Reno Scum (Adam Thornstowe & Luster the Legend).
  • The North cornered Konnan in the break room and shut the door. After commercials, Konnan was unconscious on the floor, The North were nowhere to be seen, wrestlers and staff came to his aid.

  • oVe in the ring, Sami Callihan said last week was an accident. What happened to Melissa Santos was a tragedy. After talking to management, it was in his best interests to issue an official apology. He meant it from the bottom of his heart. He pulled out a piece of paper and read the description of the incident for a while until the World Champion lost his patience and beelined to the ring. Brian Cage took out all of oVe excepted Callihan, who managed to escape, and the security. A fan grabbed Cage and was thrown over the barricade. Police happened to be present to handcuff and arrest him on accounts of assault.
  • Daga defeated Chris Bey to qualify for the X-Division Ladder match at Bound For Glory. Konnan wasn’t there to accompany Daga, but Jake Crist was on commentary. Post-match, he and Dave attacked Daga.  Tessa Blanchard made her presence known and evens the odds, sending the brothers into retreat. oVe left the building frustrated.
  • Video package of Ken Shamrock and Moose press conference. They talked trash and needed to be restrained.

  • Father James Mitchell was with Havok. He told her they are in a world of trouble for pissing off “you know who”. Mitchell was angry and demanded she shows remorse to Su Yung. Taya Valkyrie chimed in and offered Havok a challenge to face Tenille Dashwood, thereby earning a shot at the title. Mitchell reminded Taya she has never defeated Havok, so why should they have to earn it? They scared the champion away by threatening to take her title.
  • Michael Elgin defeated TJP w/Fallah Bahh.
  • Melissa Santos was on the phone to her mother. Sami Callihan rudely talked into it and hanged up the call. He told Melissa that when he hit her with the bottle last week, it felt really, really good.

The Nygma’s Nutcracker(s) of the Week

– Daga vs Chris Bey

Daga and Bey jawed at each other. They tied up and went to mat wrestling, more arm drags until Bey hit a kick to the head of Daga. Daga responded with an enzuigiri, then set for a dive but Bey was back in and they ran around until Daga winded up hitting a suicide to Bey. Daga connected with a snap suplex for Daga, a running elbow and then a running yakuza kick. Daga tried another suplex but Bey countered with knees and then landed a capoeira kick. Dropkick from Bey and Daga was on the outside.

Bey dove over the top onto Daga. Back in the ring, Bey hit a slingshot DDT but Daga kicked out. Daga kicked Bey away from a running attack, set him on the second rope and then hit a jumping backbreaker. Bey avoided a suplex and hit a spinning heel kick, but he ran into a series of kicks from Daga. Bey got Daga to the corner, tried the ten punches but Daga slipped out and Bey hit a near crucifix bomb. As Bey tried to get to the top rope, Daga cut him off and hit the Spanish fly. Daga grabbed Bey and hits the Dodon’s Throne for the win.

– TJP vs Michael Elgin
TJP looked to avoid Elgin early, he winded up dodging Elgin in the corner but Elgin kept overpowering him. They ran the ropes, TJP tried to catch him but Elgin lifted him and countered a sunset flip attempt with a punch to the face. TJP tried a hip toss, winded up rolling through for a kneebar but Elgin powered back up and separates. Kicks to the leg from TJP but Elgin caught one and levelled him with a shoulder tackle. TJP avoided an elbow drop, tried a cross body but Elgin caught him. Helicopter armbar takedown from TJP until he snapped the arm back and Elgin headed outside.

Dropkick from TJP who showed off in the ring. Back from commercials, Elgin was in control and he laid in elbow strikes. TJP connected with a back kick to the body then he low bridged Elgin to the outside. TJP tried a flipping dive but Elgin caught him and powerbombed him onto the apron. Chops from Elgin still on the outside, then they headed back into the ring. TJP blocked a couple of charge attempts, kicked the arm of Elgin but Elgin replied with a bridging German suplex. Elgin went for an elevated suplex into the ring, stalled out vertically but TJP kneed him in the head to break it and hit a springboard hurricanrana back into the ring. TJP tried for an armbar takedown, winded up dropkicking Elgin onto the second rope, then hit a triangle dropkick to him and a cross body but, when Elgin kicked out, he transitioned to the Fujiwara armbar and Elgin had to move to the ropes.

More strikes to the arm from TJP, he tried to lift Elgin but Elgin blocked him. Elgin missed an enzuigiri, TJP tried to float over for an armbar but Elgin lifted him up and powerbombed him. TJP ate a discus clothesline from Elgin’s bad arm. Elgin tried for the buckle bomb, TJP countered with a hurricanrana to the outside. TJP looked to dive, but Elgin caught him with a snap powerslam onto the entrance ramp. Elgin connected with a super Falcon Arrow, set for a lariat, TJP caught it tough and looked for an armbar, Elgin rolled through again and hit a running buckle bomb, a spinning back fist and spinning sit-out powerbomb for the finish.

The not-Nygma’s Moment(s) of the Week 

The North crossed the lines when they attacked Konnan. Whether you like him or not, Konnan is a man that has earned respect. And trust me when I say he will have his revenge on Ethan Page and Josh Alexander…

The Nygma’s Award of the Week

Sami Callihan is one hell of a bad guy. What wouldn’t he do to embarrass a friend? If Cage and the World Title belt are Callihan’s targets, Tessa Blanchard is still seeking for revenge. She wrestled him once, she wrestled and defeated every other member of oVe. Everything is becoming possible…

Welcome back, Kenny! Eddie Edwards found his dear friend back in this kendo stick he befriended with. I’m sure Ace Austin will taste it very soon…

To be eNYGMAtic…

Action-wise, the show was stacked of. The backstage promos and segments added some intensity and tension to the current storylines. That makes it, for me. This set of taping, for the moment, has been putting the show back on good track. May it continue…
It seems like Bound For Glory card is complete, we still have to wait for the last participant in the X-Division Ladder Match who will be determined next week. Impact Wrestling PPVs are usually made of 8 matches and the gauntlet match, if we suppose it will be a 20-people one, could be a long match. The card is really appealing, it has taken a while to build it up but Impact Wrestling really have to finish the year the way they started it.
On this “Nygma Can’t Wait Till October 20” note, until next week, never EVER forget to stay #eNYGMAtic…

Bound For Glory Card:

  • Impact World Championship Match: Brian Cage (c) vs Sami Callihan
  • Ken Shamrock vs Moose
  • Team Impact (The Rascalz) vs Team AAA (Dr Wagner Jr and 2 partners)
  • Michael Elgin vs Naomichi Marufuji
  • X-Division Championship Ladder Match: Jake Crist (c) vs Tessa Blanchard vs Daga vs TBD
  • Impact Knockouts Championship Match: Taya Valkyrie (c) vs Tenille Dashwood
  • Call Your Shot Gauntlet Match
  • Impact World Tag Team Championship Triple Threat Match: The North (Josh Alexander & Ethan Page) (c) vs RVD & Rhino vs Rich Swann & Willie Mack

All pics, videos, and screenshots courtesy of Impact Wrestling. Special thanks to Basil Mahmud for his pics. Photomontage custom made by @frenchnygma exclusively for @steelchairmag @vulturehoundmag.