tether | ˈtɛðə | verb [with object]

1 tie (an animal) with a rope or chain so as to restrict its movement: the horse had been tethered to a post.

Festival season’s over and the wild season is about to start; it’s only fair we get you prepared by introducing you to a band you’ll be seeing a lot more of soon. Tether. are VultureHound’s Introducing band for October, and they’re here to make sure you live free.



Names: Justin, Kieran, Rob, Jack, James.

From: London.

Your sound: Energetic and cathartic post-hardcore ft. choruses and riffs.

For fans of: letlive., Every Time I Die, Alexisonfire.

A fact about each of you: Jack has a crisp fetish. James climbs mountains for charity. Kieran is the most naturally blonde person you’ll ever meet outside of Scandinavia. Justin once cartwheeled for two kilometres. Rob loves fried chicken. And has great hair.

You all met: We’d all sort of crossed paths through our previous bands and mutual friends, but we only properly met once this band came to fruition. Justin and Kieran were in a band before Tether. and when that ended, they started writing for a new project which eventually became this.

The band name came from: While writing the first few tracks with Justin, before we had an actual band, I remember having the phrase “I’m at the end of my tether” going around my head quite a bit. I can’t remember why; I guess I might’ve been upset about something. But it’s also possible I just heard it somewhere and got it stuck in my head somehow. Anyway, after ruminating on that for a good while and getting Justin’s approval, we decided Tether. would be the name of whatever this band was that didn’t fully exist yet. – Kieran

The best show you’ve played so far: Brighton, The Hope and Ruin.

We got to Brighton early and just started drinking. Drinking like we thought we were Mötley Crüe and could get away with it. Midday Sambuca shots, 2 for 1 cocktails, and cans for the walks between bars. It was fucking great. (It wasn’t.)

The show rolled around; Kieran busted his eye open on his own guitar during the first song and played the rest of the set with a bleeding face and an eye that was gradually swelling up. It all fell apart in our last song. Not entirely sure what happened, but we stopped and couldn’t come back in. Justin announced to a perplexed audience just how drunk we were, so our cover was blown. After that we just sort of left it and got off stage as quickly as possible. Ok, this wasn’t our best show. It was so bad that we’ve had to try and reframe it and just make light of it.

The worst show you’ve played so far: Gillingham, Rock Avenue.

Gillingham is like if Brexit was a town, for a start. At the show itself, kids were running around the venue, and their parents were just at the bar banging shots; the atmosphere was super strange.

Coming up: We start tracking for two new singles in October. So expect a new song with a music video in the not too distant future.

Social media: Facebook – @tetherldn, Instagram – @tetherldn, Twitter – @tetherldn

Catch Tether. supporting Lock & Key at 229 in London on November 7th. They’ll also be heading out on their first tour supporting MSRY next month. The dates are as follows:

Nov 18 – Oxford, The Library

Nov 19 – Liverpool, Jacaranda Basement

Nov 20 – Leicester, The Shed

Nov 21 – Birmingham, Subside

Nov 22 – Bournemouth, The Anvil

Nov 23 – Luton, The Castle Tavern

Nov 24 – London, The Unicorn