Last week Finn Balor made his huge return to WWE TV however to the surprise of fans the former Universal Champion made an unexpected return to NXT. As the longest-reigning NXT Champion of all time, Balor was a key figure in the history of the black and gold brand his return to Full Sail has fans very much excited! This new direction in Finn’s career opens brand new opportunities and a second chance but, with the landscape of NXT looking so different, just who can the fans expect to see Balor collide with upon his huge return to the brand?

Velveteen Dream

Despite it being Adam Cole, Balor confronted upon his return the first name I thought of was the Velveteen Dream the moment the former Universal Champion’s music hit. This is simply a dream match (mind the pun). Things have changed drastically since Balor was last part of the NXT roster and Velveteen Dream is one of the names who has taken over and made sure to make an impact. A huge fan favourite the dream has won over the hearts of the NXT universe due to his charisma and fantastic in-ring capabilities and colliding with Balor promises to be one heck of match up! While having their difference in terms of characters and styles there is no denying that the Dream works incredibly well with talents like Balor and together these two could deliver a true match of the year-esque collision.

Johnny Gargano

Johnny Wrestling is a name that is attached to so many dream matches and Finn Balor most certainly is a dream opponent for Johnny TakeOver. Throughout his time with the WWE so far, he has become the heart of NXT and taken part in truly some of the best matches I have ever seen, colliding with Balor promises another five-star quality matchup is on the cards for Gargano. The two-fast paced, passionate wrestlers with thrilling move sets are sure to provide a classic wrestling match with fantastic spots leaving everyone on the edge of their seats. This collision is near-inevitable and when this bout does take place, we can expect it to rock the wrestling world and raise the bar.

Dominik Dijakovic

Dijakovic is a growing name over on the black and gold brand. His standout bouts against Keith Lee have made him a huge talking point and a promising star sure to become champion one day. Now, while I believe there is more to come between Dominik and Lee looking at the stacked the roster there are many names, he could collide with to create something special and returning Balor can sure do wonders for the growing career of this star! The experience and popularity of Balor mean a rivalry/collision with him automatically does great things for Dijakovic. Sure to bring out the best in Dominik, Balor makes for an exciting opponent that has the potential to push him to new heights and truly bring out the best in Dijakovic showing just how good he is and the level at which he can perform at.

Adam Cole

When Balor made his return last week, it was NXT Champion Adam Cole he had in his sight, approaching him face-to-face and making his intentions clear. Now, this right here is the definition of a dream match! Cole shows exactly how far NXT has come since Balor was apart of the roster and their collision highlights two different eras of the black and gold brand. This is a match fans have been waiting to see for a while now. It’s one sure to put backsides in seats and get everyone talking. There is no doubt this rivalry could shake the landscape of NXT and provide a true standout match that without a shadow of a doubt will make the list of some the best matches fans have seen in recent years! Their collision is inevitable and has been for years, its now time to see these huge stars collide in the middle of the ring.

Tommaso Ciampa

Finn Balor wasn’t the only person to make a return, and not the only returning star to set his sights on NXT Champion Adam Cole. This time last week former champion in his own right Tommaso Ciampa shocked fans by returning to NXT and making his intentions very clear. Now, Ciampa is a true all-round talent, he has it all from charisma to incredible in-ring skills and a collision with Balor is yet another dream matchup. The two are incredibly intense performers with move sets that have fans on the edge of their seats and full of excitement! It promises to be a true standout match between two veterans who know their styles and know what they are capable of. Their popularity amongst the NXT universe means this is a match sure to grab fans’ attention straight away and could main event any up and coming show!

Matt Riddle

Matt Riddle and Finn Balor are two of the most intense in-ring performers in the WWE today. Different to one another they do bring something different to the table but, at the same time, their similarities are clear as day! The spots in this match have the chance to be something massively standout and entertaining but the wrestling here promises to be pure, classic and above anything we have seen in a long time! Its Riddle who could bring out the very best of Balor and a completely new side to the former Universal Champion. This is another dream match that appears to be inevitable and when it does take place the WWE is sure to send a clear message.

Balor’s return to NXT was massively unexpected but it opens the doors for so much and an array of must-see matches. His return creates a shift in the landscape of NXT and the collision of Balor’s era and the new era of NXT makes for something very very exciting!

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