If you didn’t catch episode one, welcome to 31 Days of Deathmatches. This is an advent calendar-style countdown to Halloween offering you a door of deliciously gory wrestling per day. Our trip to the spookiest day of the year will take us around the world and through time. This will chronicle some of the most significant deathmatches throughout the years but will mostly consist of my absolute favourite barbed wire bouts and glass shattering matches. Without further ado, let’s open the next door.

We continue the Lucha Underground trend with another brutal and personal bout. This time from the finale episode of Season One. A Cero Miedo match with no DQ, no Count-Out, and no rules. The bone-breaking, people-sacrificing demon Pentagon Jr was set to take on Vampiro in a match to top all matches. He was determined to cleanse Lucha Underground and was dressed as a cardinal to do so. Vampiro would be a martyr for his cause if it came to it, his life depended on it as Penta wanted to make him the next sacrifice. Violence would beget violence in a fight to determine the top of Lucha Underground. It was a dream match that would haunt us in our nightmares was how Matt Striker chose to describe it.

It started with chair shots and went straight into the crowd. Within minutes, Vampiro had been driven onto bare concrete and smashed repeatedly with chair shots. Penta was merciless. Medical staff tried to stretcher out Vampiro but he rose from the dead to fight back. With newfound vigour, the match became more even and Vampiro brought thumbtacks into the match which Penta soon found in his back. About ten seconds later, so did Vampiro. The man may not have been in a ring for a long time but Vampiro went for it. He took light tubes to the neck and risked injury for the good of Lucha Underground. He had to fight a merciless Penta who was going above and beyond to sacrifice Vampiro to his master. They both fought through glass and blood to prove their point. Pentagon bled through his own torn mask, in an effort to break the Muta Scale, after Vampiro smashed tubes into his skull. There were no heroes only villains with causes.

In the end, Vampiro would go down in flames, literally as he got driven through a flaming table. He tried his best, bled for his cause and in the end offered his arm for Pentagon to break. This would end in the biggest twist of the season, Vampiro was the Master, the one who demanded sacrifices and Penta was ready. Once again this was Lucha Underground at its violent best. I picked an earlier example this time as Lucha Underground has always been full of violent delights. I respected Vampiro for his efforts here as I will always appreciate when an older guy steps up and takes some hard knocks. It was bloody, fun and offered a satisfying end to the first season of Lucha Underground.

Come back tomorrow for your next deathmatch treat!

Images courtesy of thepartytsar (Twitter), aminoapp, Cageside Seats, gfycat – Video courtesy of Lucha Underground Facebook