The Faim played at the Liverpool Arts Club on August 30th. Their set was electric and they always deliver passion and energy throughout their whole set.

LA based Charming Liars and Scottish band, Woes were the openers for The Faim. Both bands were energetic.

The Faim opened with a fan favourite, ‘Midland Line’ and ‘Saints of The Sinners’ followed. Front man Josh Raven even took it upon himself to climb the scaffolding of the stage, this just demonstrates the raw energy of this band.

Song from their EP, ‘I Can Feel You’ got the crowd pumped. Josh Raven actively got the crowd engaged making the audience jump in unison – a gig has never been so energetic!

They also teased new songs from their upcoming debut album, ‘Tongue Tied’ and ‘Infamous’.

Their most emotional song ‘Make Believe’ was not moved from the set list. To witness the crowd fall silent as the band poured their hearts into the performance they gave was magical.

This was followed by ‘Humans’, their latest release which was extremely passionate, evidently highlighting this song means a lot to this band on a personal level. It was a pleasure to hear live for the first time.

Fan favourite ‘Amelie’ closed the show. For this, the entire band got extremely loud. Their performance was electric. During this song, bassist Stevie Beerkens accidentally walked into Josh’s microphone stand, hitting it with his bass which gained a few eruptions of laughter from the crowd.

The Faim are a band whose live sets are more intimate, passionate and raw with every show they do. If you REALLY want to experience The Faim, go and see them live!

Check out their music video for ‘Humans’