Post Malone – Hollywood’s Bleeding (Album Review)


Post Malone’s third album, Hollywood’s Bleeding, was released earlier this month, just a week after ‘Circles’ was released as the third single from the album (reviewed here). The album sees a different blend of genres across 17 tracks and includes some interesting surprises.

Post Malone has been talking about eliminating genres for a while now, commenting in a GQ interview in early 2018 that “it should just be music”. ‘Circles’ was a big indication of what was to come. A few days later he revealed the other artists featured on the album, and one stood out in particular for many people: Ozzy Osbourne. ‘Take What You Want’, with Osbourne and Travis Scott, is a stand out track on the album. The sound is quite different from the rest of the album, with haunting effects that will sound familiar to Black Sabbath fans, and there’s even a guitar solo – and it’s very metal. The grit Ozzy brings is a nice edition for those of us who still like Posty’s earlier releases, and it makes me wonder why no one thought of this kind of collaboration sooner.

Another highlight of the album is ‘Allergic’, rumoured to be an upcoming single. The track blends about five different types of music, including a bit of doo-wop in the chorus. It’s an unexpected mix, but it works nicely and it should do well if it does end up being released on its own.

My biggest problem with Hollywood’s Bleeding is the same one I had with ‘Circles’. It’s quite good, and it has definitely grown on me, but it’s not trap. So I suppose Post Malone achieves at least part of what he wants, and maybe I should stop expecting trap music from him. But I’m still not entirely convinced that a move to the mainstream charts is the best move for him. Likewise, as much as I like ‘Allergic’ and ‘Take What You Want’, ‘Wow.’ is by far the best track on the album, and it’s also the most obvious hip hop track.

Hollywood’s Bleeding was highly anticipated, Spotify even took the liberty to send me an email on the day of its release which was a first for me even though I’ve been a subscriber for nearly 15 years. The album seems to be living up to its reputation, and is worth a listen, but it’ll be interesting to see where Posty goes from here. There’s only so much more genre eliminating he can do – maybe give Quavo a call?