Since the end of June and the announcement of this new and exciting event, SteelChair Mag have been following every step of the birth of this new promotion. We have shared with you every news and worked tons of interviews to make sure you would know the talents involved. But the OWE shows won’t happen from September 18 to 22.

When asked for comment, Sean McMahon, OWE UK Marketing Director, told Fightful, “I have been offered a position with another company. Also I did not share common values with the owners of OWE.” Sean noted, “broken promises” as the “misconduct” he was referring to in his original statement, but no further details were given.

Of course, we asked Sean McMahon to comment on the situation. Here is his statement:

“Posts have been flying across social media all day following the announcement from OWE United Kingdom stating they had delayed their UK launch.

The company, owned by Chung Hung Nee, of Oriental Wrestling Entertainment told us “We took the decision to delay the tour due to unforeseen circumstances and anyone wishing to have a refund, this will be honored, of course. There is no wrongdoing, nor has anyone “messed things up”. It was purely down to a major scheduling conflict that was unexpected and unavoidable. Shows, unfortunately, get canceled or delayed all the time from all types of promotions, of all sizes. The same goes for members of our team here in Shanghai or in the United Kingdom, we don’t always see eye to eye with everyone and everyone has their own views.

If anyone who has purchased tickets requires a refund please email us at and we will endeavor to process this over this next week. In fact thousands of pounds have already been refunded and talent were contacted before the announcement was made wherever possible.”

After our meeting at the weekend via WeChat as usual with the UK team explaining the situation, they took the decision to leave OWE United Kingdom. Jay Apter, who was a booker for us, has his own promotion to concentrate on and Sean McMahon had offers from other promotions to join which we believe he is taking up.”

Sean McMahon was also asked for comments, “I have enjoyed working for OWE and their talent have very unique skills. However, we do not share common values on everything, maybe it is a British-Chinese translational issue, but I wish them well for the future.”

We have decided not to comment on the situation. We, at SteelChair Mag, have always refused to fuel unnecessary fire or give credit to rumours. Like said earlier, we have worked dozens of interviews to make you know OWE talents. Each and every chat we had with Hyperstreak, Ophidian, Ayesha Raymond, the UK Hooligans, Grup Anarsi, to name only a few, were fantastic. We’ll do our best to share them with you in the near future like we did with The International Superstars and The Arrows of Hungary.

If tickets will be refunded, some companies are offering tickets for their shows, read here and here. Whatever, like the song says, rock ‘n’ roll will never die. OWE UK will probably be back soon. All we can say is Sean McMahon had been a great partner to work with over the last 3 months.

All pics courtesy of OWE and OWE UK