January Pictures is thrilled to announce that its documentary CHURCHILL AND THE MOVIE MOGUL will air on BBC FOUR 4 at 9 pm on 25th September, starring Stephen Fry, David Thomson, Lady Williams, Charles Drazin, Jonathan Rose, David Lough, and Charles Barr.

Churchill was mad about films, arguably more so than any other politician in history, but the true extent of his use of them as a political tool has not been previously explored.

In 1934, one of Britain’s most celebrated film producers, Alexander Korda (The Third Man), signed up Churchill as a screenwriter and historical advisor, and a unique collaboration began. Churchill provided script notes for Korda’s productions and also penned an epic screenplay.

When war broke out, their collaboration became of immeasurable importance. Korda was sent on a spy mission to Hollywood with the aim of bringing America into the war with spectacular results.

Using previously undiscovered documents, that mission and the friendship which underpinned it is explored for the first time in a new documentary by writer-director John Fleet.

Writer-Director John Fleet said: “I am thrilled that the film will air on the BBC. The parallels to today are incredibly poignant – the influence of the media, the rise of the far-right and the seeming lack of internationalists in the Korda / Churchill mold. The film looks at Britain’s role on the world stage and its hard-won unity with America right at a time when isolationism is rearing its head again.”

CHURCHILL AND THE MOVIE MOGUL will air on BBC Four 4 at 9 pm on 25th September www.januarypictures.com/

By Michael Dickinson

Michael is the VultureHound Film Editor.