ITV have confirmed through their ITV Wrestling Twitter account that AEW Dynamite will air on public TV from Monday October 6th.

Dynamite will air on ITV4 with a two hour show starting at 8:20am on October 6th. It will be followed by a one hour highlight show at 11:45pm on October 7th.

Through their tweets they have also confirmed they will be showing sequential episodes leading up to the Full Gear PPV on November 9th.

It is not clear yet though how Full Gear will be shown. This is however a step in the right direction in regards to getting to view AEW products in the UK. That being said it will be on delay compared to the live US product.

Even AEW CEO, Tony Khan jumped in to add his two cents on the viewing situation. Promising non-US viewers that there will always be a free way to view AEW episodes before Saturday PPVs. Khan also mentioned that there will be an announcement on live viewing solutions in the future. So, stay tuned for more information from ITV Wrestling and AEW as we receive it.

All tweets courtesy of ITV Wrestling and Tony Khan, Image courtesy of AEW