While IMPACT Wrestling may not have the largest roster on the scene today there really is a bunch of young and up and coming talent making an impact on a weekly basis. These names are shaping IMPACT Wrestling today and creating a new era not only in the company but on the wrestling scene as a whole and these men and women are sure to play huge roles in the industry for many years to come.

Jordynne Grace

Despite not yet capturing gold in the IMPACT zone, Jordynne Grace is a sure standout in the Knockouts division today. With near-weekly standout matches, Grace is one of the most consistent stars on the roster today never putting on a weak performance. Standing in the ring alongside the likes of Tessa Blanchard, Kiera Hogan, Madison Rayne and Taya Valkyrie, she has more than proven she is a future champion in her own right. At only 23, Grace is one of the youngest stars we will be talking about today but there is no denying her incredible talent and the impact she has already made in the industry already. Jordynne doesn’t possess a huge character with a dramatic backstory but she is a true athlete and a woman who knows how to not only put her power and skill into good use but work one heck of a brilliant match!

Kiera Hogan

We may have just mentioned one of her biggest opponents to date, but Kiera Hogan is a huge up and coming star in her own right. I honestly do believe that Hogan really is yet to show the very best of her move set and we are yet to scratch the surface where this young star is concerned. At 25, Kiera still has many years left in the industry and again, while she is yet to capture a title over in IMPACT Wrestling she’s a name that is growing in confidence, popularity and character. Over the past few months, we have been able to see more personality from the sassy Knockout and with solid performances and genuine great matches she’s most certainly a talent not to sleep on! Kiera has worked a number of entertaining matches and has found herself involved with storylines alongside Su Young, Allie, Madison Rayne, Jordynne Grace and, more recently, Tenille Dashwood and continues to show massive improvements and prove she is a big name to watch out for in the coming years.

Madman Fulton

While things never quite worked out for Madman Fulton over in the WWE, he most certainly has been sending shock waves throughout the IMPACT zone. Now, he may not be down as one of the most popular stars on the roster today, but he does indeed know how to make an impact and stand out as a seriously dominant and powerful talent on the scene today. When he steps in the ring Fulton looks like a monster and has nailed his character work perfectly! Standing alongside Callihan as part of oVe there are plenty of creative options for him moving forward and at 29, he clearly has plenty coming his way in what is sure to be a lengthy career with the best still yet to come.

Tessa Blanchard

There is really no denying that Tessa Blanchard is one of the biggest and best names in the wrestling world today. As one of IMPACT’s most must-see stars, she has completely shaken up the landscape of the roster. Dominating the Knockouts division, Blanchard has a title reign behind her, several fantastic matches against multiple opponents, a career-changing rivalry with Gail Kim and now she sets her sights on aiming higher. More recently fans have seen Blanchard involved in a heated rivalry with oVe leader Sami Callihan with the pair changing the game and shining a light on intergender wrestling. Blanchard has main evented a major PPV event alongside Callihan in a standout match of the year as well continue to work intergender matches. Looking at the insane talent Tessa possesses its hard to believe she is only twenty-four years old and knowing what awaits her leaves me with chills! Blanchard is most certainly a name dominating the wrestling scene and things are sure to only get better and more exciting regarding her future in the industry.

Ace Austin

At 22, Ace Austin is the youngest star we will be looking at today but there isn’t a single person who can take away the sheer talent this young man possesses. An exciting up and comer, Austin has a move set that has you completely hooked and entertained from the moment he steps in the ring. Fast-paced and seriously athletic, he reminds many of British Star Will Ospreay with comparisons coming in on a weekly basis. Austin is still fairly new to the IMPACT roster, but we have already seen him take part in several brilliant matches that showcase his incredible skill and more recently fans have seen him involved in more storylines with greater depth to them. A personal favourite of mine, Ace Austin is a man I really do believe is sure to go on and make a huge impact on the wrestling world with so so many years in the business ahead of him.

The future of pro wrestling truly has never looked quite as bright and promising as it does now, and these talents are not all NXT born and bred. The names we have mentioned today have fans talking and are competing in regular standout contests. Changing the game and creating exciting content in the ring these five names are leading the path for a new era and are taking over right now while proving its not just the WWE’s black and gold brand to tune into in order to see up and coming talent make their mark.