Chelsea Wolfe - Birth Of Violence.


Progression isn’t always about charging forward, sometimes it needs a pause and a break to take count of where you are.

This is what singer; songwriter Chelsea Wolfe has done in the approach of her most recent release Birth Of Violence.”

After constantly being on the road for eight years the artist put herself in relative isolation to reconnect with herself.

The result, Wolfe back to arguably her breath-taking best.

From the opening track ‘the mother road’ there is a feeling that Wolfe has taken a more striped back approach and there is a sense of glass thin frailty to the music.

But it is not the fragility of the record that makes this an endearing effort from the songwriter but instead the sense of intimacy that it invokes and the soft vocal delivery which sits on a thin underlayer of strings and gentle stroked drums.

When Wolfe gets to the track ‘Erde’ she displays her own vulnerabilities as only she can in the same breath as paying tribute to her connection with mother earth and how we all have our piece to play during our time on its surface.

The personal depth which is so self-evident in the music is what draws the listener in, even if we aren’t privy to what’s going on beneath the surface there is something that is mesmerising about Wolfe’s approach and execution.

It is ironic that Wolfe has chosen to close out her sixth studio record with a track titled ‘The Storm’ because it brings about a perfect storm that this album represents.

Birth Of Violence is a snapshot in time as to where an artist who has given her craft so much is at this exact moment. Broken and fragile, but persevering throughout and defiant in the face of whatever is put before her.


By Tim Birkbeck

Lover of all things music, wrestling and movies. The dream would be to interview Seth Rollins during a Modern Life is War show before going to watch a kick-ass film. Lives on the South Coast, Straight Edge