Blink-182 is one of, if not the reason you love pop punk (Green Day being the other).

They have been blasting through stereos, speakers and headphones for right around twenty four years now.

It’s impressive alone a band has withstood the test of time. Ups and downs has always been evident the biggest going through a few line up changes, and with their most recent line up including Matt Skiba. One record under their belt with Skiba, the band has truly tapped into something special.

With their trademark pop punk roots shining through on “Nine” their ability to show growth is just as evident, showing that a band can hold true to what they are great at and evolve in the same breath.

“The First Time” releases the energy we expect from Blink, Travis’ frantically beautiful drum work, Mark’s all so familiar vocals and steady galloping bass lines, and Matt’s haunting vocals and punk heavy riffs. Alternating verses, Mark and Matt have perfected their harmony as sharing vocals.

The singles the band have released have given a solid indication of what the album would entail. Ranging from what feels like the early days of the band on “Generational Divide”, to a what we have been accustomed to the band sounding like with the tracks “Darkside” and “Blame It On My Youth”. “I Really Wish I Hated You” is very much a testament to what the band has been able to grow into.

With the singles clear to be fan favourites, “Pin The Grenade” and “No Heart To Speak Of” have a place a top this record as massive hits. The pair of songs gel perfectly with the album as a whole, but after several listens they weigh heavy as hits. Keeping a true sense of the band at the core, the trio shows their ability to face change, accept the collision and be able to learn and grow.

The band has a beautiful way of blending their more punk and atmospheric sound. “Nine” truly pays homage to the band’s entire catalog while keeping them relevant and as fun as ever.