Plymouth is a city situated in the South West of the UK. It’s home to a large variety of music venues throughout the city, including The Underground and The Junction. Both of these venues sit in the Mutley area of the city and are a vital part of the local music scene.

The Underground

The Underground has a capacity of 175 people, which makes for a unique experience as you can get up close and personal with the musicians. The venue has been plastered with posters and stickers from floor to ceiling and has a true DIY punk aesthetic to it. The venue is managed by a fantastically weird team of individuals who make the gigging experience ten times better. For a small capacity venue, it’s had some very large bands grace its stage. This includes the likes of Everytime I Die, Hawthorne Heights, Boston Manor, Subhumans, Bury Tomorrow and Oceans Ate Alaska.


The Junction

The Junction’s overall capacity is 250 people; larger than the Underground, but don’t worry, you don’t lose the intimate venue experience here. The stage isn’t much higher than the floor so bands can get close to the crowd, which for the heavier shows makes for extreme mosh pits. The Junction has a new beer garden which is a fantastic area to drink its vast selection of drinks. The venue has seen some brilliant bands come through it, from the Canadian hardcore band Cancer Bats to the iconic Phil Campbell & The Bastard Sons. The Junction hosts a various amount of events including open mic sessions which allows local musicians to show off their talent. There are a number of charity based events held there, including Gables Fundraiser which raises money for a local animal shelter.

The venues join forces to host festivals like Turbulence, a heavy music festival which takes place in October and brings incredible bands down to the area. The likes of Bleed From Within and Hacktivist have played the festival.

Both of these venues are critical to keeping live music in the area, and without them, the city would struggle immensely. So here’s to the venues helping keep live music alive!

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