With Seth Rollins once again Universal Champion an array of doors have opened in terms of dream matches and future champions. While Rollins is still early into his latest reign there, of course, has been great discussion regarding who will go on to dethrone the Beast Slayer and with a stacked roster the list of potential names to do so is both strong and endless!

Drew McIntyre

Despite currently being out of action, it’s clear in the eyes of many that Drew McIntyre is a strong favourite to go on to dethrone Seth Rollins later down the line. Since re-joining the main roster McIntyre has had his standout moments as a dominant name in the company today however, the WWE has failed to give him the monster of a push so many were expecting.  There have already been several missed opportunities regarding McIntyre and his main roster run, however, challenging and dethroning Rollins would sure turn things around and set him back on the path in which he belongs. The two have history and the time away at the moment for Drew would, in fact, work in his favour and give him the space to start fresh upon a return to action.

Finn Balor

Another superstar currently out of action, however, remaining a favourite in terms of the future Universal Champions is Finn Balor. Former champ in his own right Balor makes for an excellent titleholder who hasn’t really had the chance to have the reign he really deserves. Now, NXT fans will know exactly what Balor can bring to the table as champion and considering his history with Rollins the rivalry alone here is sure to remind fans of just how great he is. It would be brilliant to see the WWE explore Balor in the role of a heel and taking on Rollins upon a return to action will most certainly turn things around for the Irish star and possibly allowing him to finally work the position on the roster many believed he would always have, at the top as champion.


The treatment of Cesaro in WWE will forever be a mystery. Despite his incredible undeniable talent, Cesaro has never truly been given that massive push fans have demanded. A strong favourite amongst the WWE universe and ticking all the boxes to be a top star in the company his moment as the top dog has never taken place. With all that in mind, however, Cesaro is most certainly in a position to challenge Rollins in the coming months. Not only will the two sure provide one heck of a title bout that could very easily go down as a match of the year style collision but its this kind of set up that will most certainly draw fans in. Cesaro’s journey means audiences are bound to be captivated by his road to becoming Universal champion despite his current role as a heel.


Okay okay okay, so this one may be a touch far fetched, to say the least, but there truly is a demand to see EC3 finally make an impact on the WWE Main roster. It’s clear we are looking at an all-round talent from image and charisma to in-ring skill, EC3 really does have it all but the WWE are looking to make a huge mistake with this former IMPACT star for a second time around. Now, switching things up for EC3 and turning things around won’t be an easy task considering just how badly the company have conducted his main roster run so far, however, the sheer skill of EC3 means the chances of him actually going on to challenge and dethrone Rollins may not be just as far fetched as we may initially believe. If the WWE truly want to shine the light on the future and make a major star out of a new face then EC3 is the near-perfect pick. He’s the one name that can pull of this huge turn around in momentum, however, as of right now the chances may just seem slim. Possibly too slim.

The Fiend (Bray Wyatt)

We may not see all too much of The Fiend, but he remains one of the most talked-about and hyped superstars in the WWE today and one of the most over talents in professional wrestling right now. From the haunting look to the captivating attacks and promos, Wyatt has come back and taken over. Now, a reign as champion appears to still be a while away for the Fiend considering the fact, we haven’t seen all too much just yet, however, a reign as champion appears to be inevitable. Fans want to see this version of Wyatt as Universal Champion and at the moment finding a talent who is better fitted to dethroning Rollins is near impossible. The WWE universe awaits this must-see collision and what is very likely to be the first title reign for the Fiend.

With the WWE roster so stacked and full of so much talent the WWE really could shake things up when it comes to crowning the next Universal Champion. From the likes of Ricochet and Rey Mysterio to names such as Bobby Lashley and AJ Styles, the list really is endless but will any of the superstars we mentioned today go on to dethrone the Beast Slayer or will a name face challenge? Will an NXT star make their presence felt in the coming months? Regardless, Seth Rollins has many potential opponents and fans sure can look forward to true must-see collisions!

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