Watch enough TV and you start to get a feel for ‘when’ something should be on. Admittedly this is less relevant now, in the face of countless streaming services that allow you to watch what you want when you want to. But, for many, the TV schedule still means something. And Agatha Raisin, despite airing on Sky at 9pm on a Friday, is made for Sunday night watching.

The show, about the eponymous high-flying PR exec (Ashley Jensen) who moved to a village in the Cotsworlds and ended up becoming an investigator of strange murders, makes for the kind of watching that a Sunday evening requires. It’s campy, silly, light and entertaining tone is the perfect balm for the Sunday night dread.

Series one involved Agatha making the move for an early retirement that didn’t exactly result in the quiet lift she imagined – settling in, making eccentric friends and, erm, solving crimes. She also found love, in the form of James (Jamie Glover), who Agatha ended up being engaged too. Series two picks up swiftly from where series one left off, with Agatha returning from a disastrous trip to Cyprus, sans her fiancee who has gone AWOL.

Luckily there are three new cases for her to solve, which take the form of 3 sets of two parter episodes. There’s the murder of an arrogant hairdresser who used talk in the chair to blackmail his clients, mysterious occurrences attributed to fairies and a local frenzy of the arrival of a new handsome curate that results in murder.

These brief summaries will quickly alert you to whether this is a show for you. If you like Midsummer Murders, Marple or Poirot that takes the form of a sugary and kitsch guilty TV pleasure – then this really is for you. With plot and dialogue that is beyond ridiculous, actors who each provide committed camptastic performances and a world that feels comfortably far removed from reality – this is a show that makes for perfect binge material in the background. Probably accompanied with a glass of wine. And, more than likely, being watched on a Sunday…

Dir: Roberto Bangura, Matt Carter, Audrey Cooke

Scr: M.C. Beaton (novel), Julia Gilbert, Chris Murray, Chris Niel

Cast: Ashley Jensen, Jason Merells, Matthew Horne, Katy Wix

Prd: Guy Hescott, Shane Murphy, Barry Ryan, Ian Strachan, David Walton

DOP: Al Beech,

Music: Evan Jolly

Country: UK

Year: 2019

Run time: 280 minutes

Agatha Raisin series two DVD and Agatha Raisin series 1 & 2 box-set is now.

Also available digitally to download and keep.

By Charlotte Harrison

Secondary school teacher by day, writer of all things film by night. All round superhero 24/7.