OWE UK revealed via Twitter than The Arrows of Hungary have been the team to draw the unknown AEW team as their first-round tag team opponents. They will take on this mystery team on night one of the five-day UK tour, on September 18 in London.

Whilst the AEW team remains a mystery at the moment, the tweet used teased Luchasaurus & Jungle Boy, The Young Bucks, The Dark Order and Private Party through its cryptic language. “Whether it’s a dinosaur, team of brothers or those with evil intentions. Whomever AEW Wrestling send, the party may be shut down quicker than expected as the Arrows of Hungary are ready for a war!” said OWE UK. No matter which team are present, they should be prepared to go to war with the Arrows of Hungary.


Icarus and Dover are The Arrows of Hungary. With brutal strikes and classic European catch, they’re a hybrid grinding machine without limits. They proudly represent their country, through traditional masks and vests, through the anger that had fuelled their nation for so many years. But they are also trailblazers as they created their own promotion in Hungary to promote wrestling there and welcome students with whom they can share their passion. When OWE UK offered them the possibility to shine in the UK on a brand-new platform, they seized the opportunity to show the world Hungary is another country of wrestling in Europe.

This match joins the two previously announced tag tournament matches:

Stay tuned to our media for the next matches of the tournament, as we’ll soon be able to unveil the full bracket of this Tag Team extravaganza.

Images and videos courtesy of Arrows of Hungary, OWE, GWF, HWF, and OWE UK