Barely a year into their existence, with a reputation already for wild and breathless live performances,
Leeds quartet FUDGE. have been invited to perform at three of the summer’s most prestigious festivals:
Reading, Leeds and Bingley Weekender. To say they might be pleased is an understatement.
FUDGE. possess a confidence, an attitude, a swagger. They write songs that hit you like a hammer;
songs that have encouraged observers to talk about them in the same breath as Rage Against the
Machine, Skepta, The Prodigy, Royal Blood, Dizzee Rascal and The Streets.

The launch night earlier this year for their second single, NOT A THREAT JUST A WARNING, at Leeds 360
Club, witnessed scenes that took the breath away. In FUDGE. parlance it “went off”; it got messy and
dangerous and exhilarating. It also saw the ‘sold-out-doors-locked’ signs before the first support had
finished in a futile attempt to prevent anyone else getting in, with a huge ticketless crowd left in the
street outside.

FUDGE. will soon announce the release and launch night for their third single. Before then, they intend
to inject festival season with their own staggering live spectacle. Their songs have an air of menace and
exhilaration but there remains a blanket of compassion and unity that hovers over the audience and
ensures that none of the good people of Leeds or, as their reputation swells, anywhere else will ever be
harmed in the making of this band.

By Michael Dickinson

Michael is the VultureHound Film Editor.