Sunglo are a Manchester four piece on the cusp of something huge, for the last year they have been dazzling audiences with their emphatic live shows and with recent recordings they have started to gain attention from all the right places.

Their latest EP ‘Are You Happy?’ is a real turning point for the band in terms of song writing and production, the fuzz and feedback of previous releases has been slightly tamed and allows the vocal range to take the focus for all the right moments.

Recent Single ‘Elevator Belle’ is a prime example of this, verses simmer smoothly with a soothing guitar line borrowed which tips it’s hat to jazz before the chorus sees a knife edge switch into raucous rock. The guitars drop effortlessly into overdriven fuzz and then back to gentle complexity just as quickly, this EP follows a reasonably similar pattern throughout with expertly written musicianship which shares focus with the ever impressive vocals.

Sunglo are a band who tread the fine line between sounding new and exciting and having nods to all the right places in alternative music history. There are nods towards grunge and there are moments where the vocals take a rougher edge and are filled with all the venom of Courtney Love or Brody Dahl. As quickly as every jagged moment kicks in there is the counter point of delicate emotion, still somehow filled with power and confidence, this has the vintage feel of Lana Del Rey and the grit and determination of Tori Amos and much like TA there is an element of classic vocal sound.

Within the musicianship the influences continue to stack up the drums have a fascinating sound to drive every moment forward sitting somewhere between the sunshine sounds of The Beach Boys, Not Cool or Surfer Blood and the powerful thumping of something much heavier. The drums are perfectly complimented by the rumble of bass which benefits from just the right amount of shoegaze distortion to remain warm and just clean enough. In front of this are guitars which seem to offer occasional harmonies with the vocal and spend the rest of the time constructing fuzzy walls of sound once more treading a line between surf haze and something much heavier.

If Orchards are the band to provide summer warmth this year as we are lead to believe, Sunglo are going to warm rooms for the entire winter!