Paris-based dreamgaze prodigies PENCEY SLOE will release their seductive and intoxicating debut, full-length album, Don’t Believe, Watch Out, on September 27th with Prophecy Productions.

Born out of a casual exchange of ideas between guitarist, singer and main composer Diane Pellotieri, lead guitarist Valentin Beaucourt and drummer Clément AulnoisPENCEY SLOE’s music reflects a distinctly original spin on shoegaze and dream pop.

Exceptional for their ability to marry enchanting intricate harmonies to an angelic voice, all propelled by an addictively straightforward rhythm section, their tunes become sonic shades – bitter-sweet and bright on the surface, acutely dark below like the shadow side of our psyche.

After recording a demo EP and performing just a few shows on their home turf, PENCEY SLOE quickly came onto the radar of Prophecy Productions, who immediately recognized the band’s vast potential.

Pellotieri says with regards to the signing, “We are thankful to be part of the Prophecy family. We adore their devotion and true passion for different music and artists, with whom they have an incredible relationship of trust and respect.”