Delaire, The Liar

“Kiss ya mates. That’s all I’m saying” – Ffin Colley

After all parties involved spent the previous night living it up on the waltzers and at the silent disco, it was now time for a serious chat about the meaning of life, why it’s important to show your friends affection, and why Delaire don’t have any plans for an album. And the waltzers. Because they needed another mention.

Who is Delaire, and what did they lie about?

Ffin: It’s a Lemony Snicket reference – A Series of Unfortunate Events. The two constants in what is a tumultuous chain of events throughout the series are The Baudelaire orphans, which is where Delaire comes from – a shortened version of Baudelaire. And the other constant is the Liar, which is Count Olaf. So there’s the protagonist and the antagonist and the duality of those two beings in one person. Everyone has it. Everyone has those two ruling factors in their lives, like who they want to be, and who they actually are.

That’s a really interesting concept, and definitely true. I guess once you reach the point of who you want to be, life is pretty good.

Ffin: Well, life’s pretty fucking pointless, isn’t it? It’s all about striving for something else. Or it always seems that way. It’s very hard to feel comfortable with what you have.

You have very interesting photoshoots and overall branding, where did that all come from?

Joey: From the inception of the band, we wanted to always talk about the connection that we have as friends and how important it is to be expressive with each other and to show emotion. And the fact that we’re two dudes doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t exhibit how we feel; especially to each other. There’s a certain amount of masculinity in today’s culture, where sometimes it’s seen as not ok to share your feelings with your friends; especially if you are male friends. But it is so important to do so. And so I think we always wanted to express the importance of that emotional connection between two people.

Ffin: Yeah, and make a point of it. Exhibit the fact that it’s not – and this is something that’s getting talked about more and more that we’re both really happy about – is mental health and well-being, and how many young men are subject to suppressing how they feel because of certain societal standards. And it’s never something that I’ve felt. I’ve never felt that pressure in my upbringing. I’ve only ever felt it when I’m out and having that public interface. That’s the only time I’ve ever felt it. So making a point in our public interface as this band to oppose that traditional standard, is the point. And also, I like holding hands with my best boy! I like holding hands; I like giving him hugs and giving him smooches. When we do good, it’s a fucking good thing. The most warming thing was getting a kiss from my mum and my dad when I’d done well. Why can’t you share that with your friends?

Yeah, everyone should be more loving. The world would be a better place.

Ffin: Kiss your fucking mates! Kiss ya mates. That’s all I’m saying. That’s the thing we’re trying to present. And we’ve had it commented on before, like, “Why are you always holding hands in photos?” Why is that even a question? Because the thing is, if I was a girl and Joey was a guy, and we were holding hands in a photo, people would just assume we were in a relationship. And people assume that we’re in a relationship now. And the thing is, is that there’s a line there of what is accepted in terms of a platonic relationship, and what is expected of a romantic relationship. You don’t need to conform to either of those things. You don’t see everyone in a romantic relationship holding hands in every photo. Sometimes they could just be having a nice time in a place. And if we wanna have a nice time in a place and we wanna hold hands, then we’re gonna do it. Kiss ya mates.

So, did you enjoy your campsite set last night?

Joey: Yeah, it was so sick.

Ffin: I was nervous about it.

Joey: We went into it with no real expectations. Because Aiden just messaged us on Facebook to arrange the whole thing, but it was so casual. I feel like even casual is an overstatement of how chilled it was. So we didn’t really know what we were in for, but there [were] loads of people there watching us.

Ffin: And it grew as we kept playing, which is what happens at festivals. It was quietly overwhelming. It all felt very casual; Aiden was a super lovely host to have us and was very relaxed, and we had to find some bits and pieces of gear, and we had to run back to the van, so he was like, “This is supposed to be a comfortable environment. Don’t stress yourselves because that is completely the opposite of what we’re trying to create.” And then when it all got going, it was a very lovely thing.

I think that’s one of the best things about this festival, is that you walk into the campsite and there are still bands playing. That’s really nice. What is your favourite thing about 2000trees? Or the best thing you’ve done so far?

Joey: [Ffin], you’re gonna say the waltzers, I know it.

I will say that the waltzers are the worst thing I’ve done.

Ffin: The waltzers, I’ve been on them 10 times. Last night.

Joey: He won’t stop talking about it. 10 times? It was five. Well, it started off as three and then it was five, and then it was six; now it’s 10!

Ffin: No, I went on it 10 fucking times last night.

You’ve got a problem.

Ffin: I fucking love the Waltzers. Is that a crime?

The way I felt afterwards was a crime.

Ffin: Yeah, I was very worried about you whilst we were on the waltzers. I felt bad, because obviously when it comes to waltzers, I can be very convincing. Let’s waltz, baby! And you looked very uncomfortable, and I’m sorry.

It’s ok. It was kind of fun. So, who have you seen so far at Trees?

Ffin: Vukovi, my loves. Unbelievable band. So sick. Gouge Away, as soon as we got to the festival, were fantastic. We heard Ghost from the other side of the fucking site and ran to it. Well, I ran to it; Joey was like, “We need to go and meet the people!

Joey: We had a plan, but as soon as we heard Gouge Away playing in the distance we immediately just knew the plan was about to go to shit. And it did!

Ffin: I can’t help myself. It went to shit. But it worked out in the end because we found out where our camp was, and that was all fine. Gouge Away were amazing. Cancer Bats were…

I feel like I’m the only person at this festival that hasn’t seen Cancer Bats.

Ffin: Are you coming to the Heavy Music Awards?


Ffin: Yes is the answer, and yes, you will see Cancer Bats there!

Well, I guess I am then! I mean, it’ll probably be better than the waltzers, so I’ll take your suggestion on this one.

Ffin: Now, that is debatable. I’m not sure if any experience in my life has ever been better than the waltzers. I’m going back on them tonight when we get back. Fuck the silent disco.

What’s the best compliment you’ve received on your new single so far? Anything warmed your heart? It could be from your mum. Your dog, maybe.

Joey: Individually, it’s really hard to say. The best thing about it has been the scope of the response to it and the amount of people who’ve posted photos of the posters we sent out and just been really happy and willing to be a part of the thing. Did you see we sent out the posters that we used as the background in the video for it? Seeing people pin those to their walls in their bedrooms or wherever it is, that in itself is a massive compliment.

Ffin: It’s really humbling. We’ve made a bit of a… what’s it called, when you do something repeatedly?

Joey: Habit?

Ffin: A bit of a habit! Habit is the word. A bit of a habit of sending stuff out before we’re about to do stuff. I think it’s really important to interact with the people that are really invested and have a vested interest in your band. That line of communication should always be open. Especially in its formative stages like this is now. It’s really important for that to be a- keep communicating with the people that are supporting you. So, when we send stuff out and they repost it, and seeing them stick it up on the wall; I’m seeing a couple of people who are fantastic; they’ve been painting ‘not punk enough’ on their walls and stuff, and on the back of their leather jackets, and it’s immeasurable. It’s indescribable how that feels. To see a body of work that you’ve created impact someone in their life that they want to display it as part of theirs… that’s a really special thing. And now ‘Church’ is out, which has quite a potent message, and it’s quite an aggressive and emotionally charged song, people have been responding in a similar way. I’ve had a couple of messages being like, “I’ve been in a really hard spot with my mental health, and this is exactly what I needed.” And that’s not why we wrote it, but the fact that it has that impact on someone that is vested in the band is an amazing byproduct. You put music out there and hope that people will listen, but ultimately you’re doing it for yourself. That’s why you put music out there; that’s why you create, is because there’s something that you feel like you need to say and something that you feel needs to be out there. And if you pick it up, that’s amazing. But when they do, it’s very humbling. It’s a very humbling and very special feeling. I don’t really know how to describe it, it’s very wholesome. Wholesome experience. It makes me feel very warm.

Do you think there will be ‘not punk enough’ tattoos soon?

Ffin: They’ve already happened!

Oh wow! How do you feel about that?

Ffin: It’s fucking sick! I’ve got ‘NPE’ here [chest], and Joey’s got it there [arm]. I mean, I don’t condone tattooing yourself if it’s not safe and sterile and all of that business, but it is very cool to see.

Joey: A couple things pop up here and there; it’s very nice. It feels like a community base that’s building.

Any album plans?

Ffin: We’re writing a lot.

Joey: We’ve done a couple of singles this year, and both of those have been stepping stones to whatever’s gonna be next. But as we’re writing all this music, we’re feeling the way we’re writing, and our sound develop. And we don’t wanna lock ourselves into an EP or an album too early when that development is happening, because we wanna see where it takes us, really. Once we’re at a point where we feel like the music that we’re making has reached that apex that we feel like we’re headed towards, that’s when we wanna write something that’s gonna be a collection of songs. I feel like ‘Church’ is a real strong indicator of the fruits of that writing process and the way that the music is developing.

Ffin: It’s gotta be cohesive. We want the next body of work to be a body of work, rather than a collection of songs. It’s gotta be consistently pointed and targeted. Start to finish. Rather than just, “Here’s 10 bangers in a row.” Whether it’s album or EP, it’s difficult to say at this point. It’d be easier to do an EP, and I do like EPs, but who fucking knows? Might turn into a writing machine, the two of us just churning out the fucking hits. We’ll see.

Catch Delaire, The Liar performing at the Heavy Music Awards on August 22nd. Listen to their latest single, ‘Our House is a Church’ below.