After Luchasaurus and Marko Stunt, OWE United Kingdom and AEW have finally been able to reveal tonight the name of the second team that will represent AEW in OWE UK’s inaugural Tag Team tournament will be. The “mystery opponents” are no other than Marq Quen and Isiah Kassidy, aka Private Party, the hottest tag team of AEW. Like Luchasuraus and Marko Stunt, they have never wrestled in the UK before. They will compete in the first round of the tournament on September 19 in London, against Achilles Ben and The Flying Prince.

Private Party is a tag team that knows how to accommodate to an audience.  Isiah Kassidy and Marq Quen made their debut in 2015, holding titles for Fight the World Wrestling, Warriors of Wrestling, Game Changer Wrestling, House of Glory, CZW, and Pro-Wrestling Magic. The team represent a mix of styles when it comes to in-ring performance. Their style is a representation of high flying and in-ring technical accuracy. As a tag team, they have boundless chemistry each match.

In the video above, we learn a lot about Private Party. “Growing up in Brooklyn has its ups and downs. It definitely teaches you how to be tough and to take any criticism because it’s a rough neighbourhood out there.” Marq Quen lost friends because of drugs or jail but he protected himself from them to be able to become a wrestler, and a better person. Isiah Kassidy remembers his friends laughing at him because he was saying he wanted to be a professional wrestler. For him, that dream was not fake.

Despite being surrounded by pressure, he went to House of Glory wrestling school and met Marq Quen. Both were fans of Jeff Hardy and they clicked. They trained together and they found their vibe, helped by Amazing Red. Marq Quen calls him a father figure and an innovator. Isiah Kassidy says he is one of the greatest wrestlers because of what he’s done to his business and how he impacted a lot of people.

With The Young Bucks at House of Glory show this month

They were contacted by AEW “the perfect moment” because right next to their training. Kassidy’s energy was so high. Marq Quen adds, “We felt like this age is for us, we felt like everything we worked hard for, we made it.” His trust in Kassidy is based on a friendly competition but only on the possibility to help each other in a match. They feel safe in working together.

Kassidy adds about Quen, “His mind is way too in advance, like his creative ability, the stuff that he thinks of, cool moves that he thinks of. He’s the main part of Private Party, he’s the brain.” Private Party’s only motto is to make people smile while doing their job. They want to make the fans feel they’re invited to the party. Work hard, party harder, as Quen says. Kassidy adds, “When you go to a party, your main objective is having fun and having a good time, so we apply that rule to professional wrestling and real life.”

Achilles Ben, member of “Team E” and originally billed as A-Ben, is 34 and a true legend of Chinese Strong Style. To quote OWE, “Achilles Ben is the original Captain of OWE and he is not afraid to tell you. Ben has a unique presence and perfectly sculptured body. He is arrogant and full of attitude that refuses to be ignored or overlooked. Achilles Ben has many years of martial arts, which combined with his studies in acting at the Shanghai Theater Academy will surely cement him as a future global movie star. The handsome presence of the big and handsome body and the domineering aura he commands stood on the ring often immerses his opponents.

Achilles Ben continues to feud with T-Hawk and the hatred runs deeps. He has also formed a new combination of new Xi Contra Blood, and help defeat the Wolfgang to become OWE strongest tag-team combination. The most important thing about wrestling for Achilles Ben is to “win”. Winning in the most brutal but beautiful way. Achilles Ben’s overbearing image and, but arrogant attitude and strong self-esteem, for his many enemies, and other wrestlers what will they be able to pull out of their bag to counter it?”

Earlier this year, he teamed up with Logan Fan and Qiuyang Fan “The Lunatic” to face So Cal Uncensored, the team of Christopher Daniels, Scorpio Sky and Frankie Kazarian in the main event of The Road to Double or Nothing Tournament, the first event featuring AEW’s SoCal Uncensored in Shanghai.

“The Flying Prince is one of the many talents you will be seeing exclusively appearing across the OWE & AEW brands. Be prepared to see the impossible, the incredible, and the damn right amazing as The Flying Prince officially arrives in OWE United Kingdom this September,” confirmed the company about Gao Jingjia, a talented high-flyer. 

To reply to the many requests for multi-day tickets for both venues in the UK tour, OWE UK decided to create passes for the 2 London shows and 3 Liverpool shows. A 5-day pass for all OWE UK shows is also available. Passes holders will have the chance to attends some meet & greets. The tour will be taking place from September 18th-22nd. For more information on the company and tickets, be sure to check out their Twitter and their website here.

All pics courtesy of OWE, OWE UK, ITV Wrestling, Private Party and AEW