OWE UK keep providing news as we now have a debut for the third member of More Than Hype as LJ Cleary is set to take on OWE original Hyperstreak.

The first Liverpool show on September 20th will be set to be the show for Cleary to show off his stuff to the OWE UK audience and the next proving ground for Hyperstreak, who takes place in a Lucha Four Way match against Blanco Loco, Senza Volto and Ophidian on Night Two (19th).

LJ Cleary is the showman of More Than Hype. He is the most recognisable of the group teaming with Pyscho Nathan Martin and Darren Kearney but also has been a singles champion in OTT. Cleary is often hailed as a natural and this will be the latest in a series of matches Cleary has had against Hyperstreak across both of their times in OTT. He has also taken part in bouts at both ICW and Fight Club Pro in recent weeks taking on some of the best in the UK and worldwide.

Hyperstreak has competed for promotions including Mach 1 Wrestling, Alternative Wrestling Show, Future Stars Of Wrestling, New Wave Pro Wrestling, Lucha Pro, Elite Xtreme Wrestling (FSW AZ) and Championship Wrestling From Hollywood all over North and Central America. He made his OTT debut in 2017, competing against LJ Cleary and Scotty Davis. He squared off with Davis again earlier this year at OTT Contenders 14. Last year, he took part in an OWE China event, competing in a Three-Way tag team match, teaming up with Jay Cafe against The Flying Prince Gao Jingjia & Liu Xinxi and Mongolian Wolf Clan of Fan Hewei & Tang Huaqi. Earlier this year, after working for OWE China, he was asked to compete in China again and Taiwan. He also wrestled dark matches for ROH a few years ago and Impact Wrestling very recently.

In other news, the company have also revealed that OWE China star, The Flying Prince Gao Jingjia might be off the tour with an injury. The tweet revealing the news insinuated the star would not be able to attend the UK shows and teased a replacement. However, it is not entirely out of the question that Jingjia may appear in some capacity. We here at Vulture Hound wish him a full and speedy recovery.


To reply to the many requests for multi-day tickets for both venues in the UK tour, OWE UK decided to create passes for the 2 London shows and 3 Liverpool shows. A 5-day pass for all OWE UK shows is also available. Passes holders will have the chance to attends some meet & greets. The tour will be taking place from September 18th-22nd. For more information on the company and tickets, be sure to check out their Twitter and their website here.

Images courtesy of OWE UK, OWE, Hyperstreak, LJ Cleary