Can you tell me a bit about your band?

We’re a Manchester-based band that consider our sound to be alternative grunge-pop.

How has your 2019 been so far?

So far 2019 has been very kind to us. From starting the year off playing one of our all-time favourite Manchester venues – Deaf Institute, with Oli’s (bassist) favourite band Slothrust, to getting our first radio play on BBC Introducing and now the release of our new single ‘Elevator Belle.’ We’re pretty hyped.

What does the rest of 2019 have in store for you?

Following the release of ‘Elevator Belle’ we’re looking to get one more single out before our UK tour and debut EP launch in mid-July.

You’ve just released a video for your single ‘Elevator Belle’ can you tell me about it?

We had a really great time filming this one – as in half of it was literally just us having a nice family day out in the park with our band mascot, ‘The Mingle Mangler’. It was awesome working with the videographer, Samuel Andrew Fenton, because he really dived into the concept of creating a stark shift between the mellow verses and heavy chorus’ to represent the mood shifts of bipolar, which is what the song is about. A highlight was getting Sam to film on a roundabout with his really expensive camera while we span him around.

Where do you take influence from when writing?

We take influence from all kinds of music, especially anything from the Seattle grunge scene of the 90s. A lot of the things we write tend to reflect how we’re feeling at the time too, so I suppose we’re also influenced by our surroundings and the general mood of the rehearsal room.

How does the process work, are you lyric or music driven?

Definitely music first usually. Even today a lot the songs we play live have improvised lyrics. Although, the newer material we’re currently writing focuses more on the title of the song, so they have a clearer theme and direction.

You have are influenced by shoegaze, are there a few records you would recommend for people just getting in to shoegaze?

We’ve had a lot of references to shoegaze after releasing ‘Elevator Belle,’ but the truth is that none of us actually listen to it or even really know any shoegaze bands!

If we were each to give you a record to listen to we’d have

‘Nature Nurture’ – Dinosaur Pile-Up

‘In Utero’ – Nirvana

‘Cerebral Ballzy’ – Cerebral Ballzy

‘Mean Everything To Nothing’ – Manchester Orchestra.

How hard is it to escape the ‘female fronted’ tag?

I can’t say we have had a problem with this yet, for example during BBC Introducing they weren’t sure if my vocals were male or female which I had no problem with. We don’t really push the female fronted tag, we try to focus more on the music and the artwork rather than the image.

What are you listening to at the moment?

Honest Eyes, New Luna, Mister Twisted, Mortal Shift, Finola, The Navettes, Scruffy Bear, Orkhid etc are a few Manchester-based bands of all types of genres.

Where can we hear more or buy some records?

You can hear all of our tracks on major streaming platforms, e.g. Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, YouTube etc.