Oxfordshire’s finest hardcore band are back with a new single and it might just be their best yet. I Cried Wolf, released their debut E.P, ‘Hollow Heart’, back in 2015. Following that up with the gutbuster of a single, ‘BRKN’, last year, they took time away from the studio to tear up every venue they went to. But now, for the mosher that prefers to do so in the privacy of their own home, they’ve released their new single – ‘Sigh’.

Sounding like the perfect midpoint between Every Time I Die At The Drive-In, ‘Sigh’ still has the leaping urgency of earlier work like ‘It Takes A Slave’ but with a new layer of clea.nliness to the production, contrasting well with the filthy riffs on display and dance-punk rhythmics recalling early Faith No More. The abandoned prom stylings of the video also serve well to illustrate the impressive stagecraft of lead singer Harry Davies, translating well the live experience into the three-minute clip.

Could this new single be the sign of a forthcoming full album release from the quintet? We can only hope. Till, then, this will do nicely.

Sigh is available now on Crooked Noise Records. You can find more information here