Oh for heaven’s sake, I’ve only just got my decks together for Rise of Shadows! Oh well, I’ve got five weeks to play around with them until Blizzard releases Saviors of Uldum, the brand-new Hearthstone expansion and the second entry in The Year of the Dragon.

This time, in what I believe is a first for the franchise, one of Hearthstone’s expansions follows on the story from the previous one. After the League of E.V.I.L. successfully commandeered the magical floating city of Dalaran, they put phase two of their plan into action and went about gaining control of the magical forces deep within Uldum.  

To aid you on your quest, one card type is making a comeback. Quest cards, where you receive an overpowered card for completing certain criteria, haven’t been seen since Un’Goro.  We’ve also had a glimpse at the Plague set of cards where five out of nine classes gets to mess with the board in devastating ways, as well as a new keyword, Reborn, where minions come back to life with one health after being killed.

The adventure begins August 6 on PC, IOS and Android. Dig up more information at www.saviorsofuldum.com.