Delaire The Liar

Ffin and Joey fill us in on who they’ll be watching, what’s on their essential packing list, and share their post-festival routine.

Who are you excited to see at 2000trees?

We’re only able to make it down for Friday and Saturday so we’ll unfortunately be missing mountains of phenomenal bands on the Thursday :((( But luckily we’ll still be able to see some of our absolute favourites:


Gouge Away

Drug Church


EvvvErry TiiiMME i DIIIIIEE!!!!!!!??,(?!!?

Which stage do you think you’ll be spending most of your time at?

Probably between The Cave and The NEU stage! Because emo is very good and I am fond of crowd surfing/aggressively pointing my finger at bands I like.

What’s on your essential packing list for 2000trees?

Wet wipes and one time I used a loaf of bread as a pillow which was both practical and delicious.

What are your three dream festival headliners?

Beyoncé – 3 times in a row.

What is your best festival memory (as a music fan)?

I think seeing The Bronx smash the life out of The Cave at Trees ‘16(?) is well up there, the whooooole room was moving.

What can people expect from your set at 2000trees?

A lot of movement, our new single ‘Our House Is A Church’ will undoubtedly make an appearance and I imagine a profuse amount of sweating.

What is your post-festival routine once you’re home?

Bathing extensively and feeling hugely appreciative of indoor plumbing.

Catch Delaire, The Liar on the NEU stage on Saturday. Watch the video for their new single, ‘Our House Is A Church’ below.