Out of nowhere the benson boys in Tiny Moving Parts have announced a new album, single (coordinating video), and pre-sale bundles for the new record on their website. Tiny Moving Parts have been easily one of the most consistent and productive bands of recent state. The new single, “Medicine”, comes in typical tiny moving parts form… energetic, relatable, emotional and catchy as all hell. With them newly signing to Hopeless records, the band announced the new album “Breathe” today (being released on September, 13) and if that single is any indication what the rest of the records holds we might have a contender for record of the year. The video for “Medicine” (silly and heartfelt) is below along with the track listing.

01. “The Midwest Sky”
02. “Light Bulb”
03. “Medicine”
04. “Icicles (Morning Glow)”
05. “Vertebrae”
06. “Polar Bear”
07. “Bloody Nose”
08. “Soft Spot”
09. “I Can’t Shake”
10. “Hallmark”