Hello, firstly what are your preferred pronouns?
Hi! “He, him, Mr, Siñor, etc” works well.

Can you tell me a bit about your band?
We’re a hard rock band based in the North West. I guess if you’re looking to compare, it’s kinda “Queens of the Stone Age meets Audioslave”. Heavy and groovy! We’ve been playing together for about four and a half years and we’ve put out a bunch of stuff, most recently an EP called “Strange Fruit” – named after a bar in which we spent a lot of time while we were in Korea in 2017!

How has your 2019 been so far?
Pretty quiet! It’s picking up now though with a few festivals and some smaller shows. It’s been good to take a deep breath and do some writing.

Are you excited to play 2000Trees?
YES! 2000Trees is actually a festival that we targeted as a goal when we first started so it’s nice to see this particular circle closing.

Can you tell us anything about your set at 2000Trees?
Just that we promise to deliver everything we’ve got, so take a deep breath before you get into the tent!

Is this a special time for heavy music in the UK?
It’s difficult to say, I think. We’re based in Liverpool and Liverpool’s heavy scene is pretty small so I’m not really ever sure how to gauge it. It’s a relief that bands Like Royal Blood can still make it so who’s to say anyone can’t do it! I also hate it when people say shit like “Rock ‘n’ Roll is back”. It never left.

Do you have any top tips for this year’s line up?
I’m really excited to see YONAKA, who I discovered recently. Also Frank Turner/Mongol Horde. We played with them last year so I’m looking forward to seeing those guys again.

There will be people discovering your band at 2000Trees, are there some other bands you would recommend?
Everyone I mentioned before, and a band called “False Advertising”!

What does the rest of the festival season have in store for you?
We’ve just done Liverpool Sound City, which was immense! Even though Chris played drums with a broken ankle! Then 2000Trees is the next big one. Other than that, we’re doing Call of the Wild festival later in the summer and a few smaller bits here and there.

How can we make gigs/festivals a safe place?
By respecting each other. Keep your hands and your hurtfulness to yourself and let’s not fuck it up for anyone. Also, take your rubbish with you! The Earth needs our protection just as much. Let’s not have any more trash filled fields after festivals.

What are your festival recovery tips, do you have a favourite restorative recipe?
Nothing works for me so I just let the hangover take me! I find being mentally prepared for a hangover helps, so even if my body feels like crap, I’m in good spirits!

Where we find out more and pick up some records?
Our website is the place – www.rivalbones.com or on our socials. We’re “@RivalBones” on everything!