Phoxjaw – 2000Trees Festival Preview Interview

Hello, firstly what are your preferred pronouns?

We’re just a bunch of ‘its’

Can you tell me a bit about your band?

We are four lovely young boys with a bit of angst and a few pedals to create a black hole of thunderous agony. Just trying to steal hearts and a few boxes of pop tarts.

How has your 2019 been so far?

It’s been steady but we are ready. Behind the scenes, we’re prepping for our takeover of the southwest indefinitely. We have fleets crossing the channel and Warmley’s finest forest archers at the mouth of the hills.

Are you excited to play 2000Trees?

Of course. It’s a festival that thrives on kindness and good people. We can’t wait to hang around the Fireball tent and pretend we are different people every time we go up to get a free shot. We have a bag of silly hats and fake moustaches. Although I have a real moustache. REAL.

Can you tell us anything about your set at 2000Trees?

We have the wonderful ‘A Playground for Sad Adults’ EP being released this year, so there will be some new songs for you and some new dance moves. We have requested silk from our local tailor, to allow space for our tentacle like dance choreography allowing the legs to wiggle.

Do you have any top tips for this year’s line up?

Raketkanon,Turnstile & Pulled Apart By Horses are on the list. these bands mean something to us whilst sounding also very mean. The lovely loathe are gonna be putting out a spread I’m sure also. Also our friends in Therapy. Lovely chaps

Is this a special time for heavy music in the UK?

Oh yes – I feel like this is a great time for bands. There are so many good acts to see and a great time to be alive. So, get yourself a nice craft ale and watch the sirens roar. This is our time run with it.

What does the rest of the festival season have in store for you?

We play Camden Rocks and have a few other festivals like Behave, Kingsfest, Burn It Down and Hub Festival. All good chances to meet new friends.

Your band has a strong family/DIY ethos, how does this change your approach to the music industry?

We do a lot of stuff in-house. We like to have creative control over as much as we can. It’s harder, but we love to have our hands on the project and we like it that way.

How can we make gigs/festivals a safe place?

Guns. Everyone needs guns.. I joke. Put your guns in the bin. I feel like tight security and also your responsibility to personally ensure that you don’t leave your passport and bag with wallet in somewhere. I lose everything and as a result I hide in a cupboard most days now. Hold your stuff.

What are your festival recovery tips, do you have a favourite restorative recipe?

Grapefruit. Get the serotonin and green tea on the go, you nutter.

Where we find out more and pick up some records?

Check our online store or bandcamp to purchase merchandise. We always update new designs and a lot of it is limited edition. We work with some great local artists. Otherwise search for ‘Phoxjaw’ in google.