Hello, firstly what are your preferred pronouns?

He/him, but as I play under pseudonyms I quite partial to “them/they” too.

Can you tell me a bit about your bands?

I write music and perform under the names “Oxygen Thief” and “Non Canon”. OT plays big songs with even bigger riffs, we’ll be playing as a 3 piece at 2000 Trees. Non Canon plays gentle, somewhat downbeat indiefolk. Both are quite wordy and generally have song titles that don’t appear in the lyrics.

How has your 2019 been so far?

Other than the never-ending dumpster fire that is the news cycle, it’s been pretty good – played a few Oxygen Thief shows so far, have a few more to come, and starting to put together another Non Canon album.

It feels like Xtra Mile and 2000Trees have a special link, how does this feel as an artist on the label?

The label is a big family of bands, and 2000 Trees feels like a 2nd home – so it kindof feels like going back to yr hometown for a boozy Christmas, but in the summer.

Can you tell us anything about your set at 2000Trees?

The Non Canon set will be pretty chilled out – going to try a couple of new songs and see how they go. The Oxygen Thief set will be a 30 minute wall of solid riffs and way too much headbanging for a guy of my fitness level.

Do you have any top tips for this year’s line up?

Deux Furieuses (who we’re playing a short warmup tour with before the festival), Soeur, Phoxjaw, Sarah Carey, & B-Sydes leap to mind. I’m also mega excited to see The Wildhearts and Therapy? – two of my biggest influences for Oxygen Thief.

There will be people discovering your bands at 2000Trees, are there some other records you would recommend?

“Confusion Species” is the latest Oxygen Thief record, and there’s only been one Non Canon album so far, so check both of those out for sure! In terms of other bands playing – just listen to all of The Wildhearts’ back catalogue as it’s phenomenal.

How can we make gigs/festivals a safe place?

By encouraging people to intervene when they see others acting badly, and working to change the culture so that people (and let’s face it; this generally means cis-gendered heterosexual men) see themselves as being responsible for their own actions. I hope that change is happening already, thanks to campaigns like Safe Gigs For Women, but there’s always more that can be done.

You are a 2000Trees veteran, what has been your favourite moment to date?

It’s so hard to choose; each year has had something that has made it special. My favourite year at 2000 Trees is always the one that’s about to happen.

Do you have any insider tips for the festival?

There’s a food stall called the Dorset Smokery (I think?) that does great bacon & egg rolls in the morning, and steak rolls at night. I like to pick up what I call a “Ste-acon & Egg” (steak, bacon, egg) sandwich towards the end of the Silent Disco to help soak up some of the booze.
What are your festival recovery tips, do you have a favourite restorative recipe?

Generally bacon, sitting still for a little while, then having another beer and going to watch some bands.

Where we find out more and pick up some records?

I’m terrible at updating my website(s), so www.twitter.com/oxygenthiefyeah or www.twitter.com/noncanon555 are probably yr best bet for updated information. Grab cds/vinyl etc from www.xtramilerecordings.com, www.banquetrecords.com or http://shop.specialistsubjectrecords.co.uk/