Hello, firstly what are your preferred pronouns?

Males. He/Him

Can you tell me a bit about your band?

We’re a four-piece smiling rock band from Sweden with high ambitions and big hearts.

How has your 2019 been so far?

Amazing! We started it off with our White Flag tour, first EU/UK headline in 3 years and it was so cool to see how big our own fan base had grown over the past years. Especially how well the new album has been received!

Are you excited to play 2000Trees?

Oh yes! Finally get to experience this rumoured and mystical festival! I love the concept and that you’re able to grab your bag in box and sit down in front of any stage. We used to have a festival like that in Sweden, but it had to shut down due to drug problems. I guess bag in boxes are a gateway drug.

Can you tell us anything about your set at 2000Trees?

I don’t actually even know how long our set will be, but we will try our best to fit as many tracks in as possible and just smash a 100% energised experience…

Do you have any top tips for this year’s line up?

Hands like Houses, While She sleeps and YMAS have some really tight sets. A great upcomer is Groundculture! 90s grunge mixed with modern core.

Is this a special time for heavy music?

Sadly no. Modern hip-hop/R&B holds the crown atm. But there’s a very nice punkish/goth trend coming in that will open many doors!

There will be people discovering your band at 2000Trees, are there some other bands you would recommend?

Erm… Khalid, John Mayer, Billie Eilish, Yungblud – great bands.

What does the rest of the festival season have in store for you?

Nothing, I’m getting a dog and will be writing a new album! We did Download, then R&L and now Trees, so one can only hope the trend continues with Glastonbury next year hehe.

Are there any Swedish bands that we might have missed in the UK so far? 

Think you’ve seen them all hah!

How different are shows in the UK to shows in Sweden? 

They aren’t really, but you have a bigger crowd for local and unsigned.

How can we make gigs/festivals a safe place?

Have civilian dressed police, but make sure to spend more time catching gropers/assaulters than druggies.

What are your festival recovery tips, do you have a favourite restorative recipe?

Chugg water, then sleep. Wake up happy.

Where we find out more and pick up some records?

We’ll make sure to put out a new record next year.