yours truly

We caught up with Sydney-based Yours Truly’s Mikaila and Teddie during their first ever visit to the UK. How different to Down Under are they finding things?

So this is your first time in the UK, right? Is it any different to how you thought it would be?

Mikaila: Yes and no. I think that we didn’t really know what to expect coming here. We’ve only really ever played shows in Australia. I think it’s been better than expected.

Teddie: It’s more like home than expected; I honestly don’t feel like I’ve left the country.

Mikaila: It’s very similar. I kind of feel like we’re just in Melbourne. The weather’s exactly the same; the shows have been really, really cool. Better than expected.

You were at Download – how did you enjoy the mud?

Teddie: It was sick.

Mikaila: We’re not used to it – I’ve never had to wear boots like that!

Teddie: Normally it’s dry and dusty, and you’re just getting dust up all in yourself when we play in Australia, and instead it’s mud.

It’s like that every year.

Mikaila: I heard! I saw this thing, it was like, “Festival season – don’t forget to bring your wellies” – we don’t call the wellies at home; I was like, “What’s a wellie? Ah, like gumboots”, and I was like “Ah, so it’s a known thing that it gets muddy every year.”

So what’s a typical Australian Festival like? Other than the dust.

Teddie: Hot. People wearing minimal clothing. Dressing up – lots of sparkles. Lots of alcohol. Dust. Lots of dust.

Mikaila: I think it’s the same kind of vibe – people just get extremely drunk, stay up until like two, three, four, five AM [laughter], whatever your vibe is [Teddie].

Teddie: Not going to sleep.

Mikaila: Not going to sleep. It’s a huge friends fest as well because depending on the style of music- if it’s heavier music, you usually know every single person at that festival.

Australia is exporting so much pop-punk right now, what do you think was the catalyst for all the recognition that your scene is getting internationally from labels and fans?

Teddie: I think it’s because everyone really knows each other now; we’re all becoming friends in the scene and we’re all helping each other where we can, and everyone’s promoting each other’s bands. No one’s competing against each other; it’s more friendly, and everyone’s like, “Hey, my friend’s band’s released this – go check it out,” constantly.

Mikaila: I think it’s also the fact that there have been a lot of Australian bands to come through recently. It has given all the local bands the feeling of “I can do this too.” So it’s just given everyone the opportunity to really push, and there are opportunities to come overseas, so I think that’s allowed people to break through.

What inspired you guys to start the band?

Mikaila: I think we’ve all just been music fans for as long as we can remember. We were all doing other things before we met each other, like performing and playing in other bands, so I think it was just one of those things that we all wanted to do. And then when we all met each other; it was very much like, “Ok, well, let’s just see what happens.”

And it worked out pretty well.

Teddie: Luckily!

Are you working on a follow-up to the Afterglow EP yet?

Teddie: Yeah, we are. The day after Afterglow came out we went in, did some writing; we’ve been constantly working on it since then. But yeah, we’re definitely working on a follow-up.

Obviously, in terms of how big Australia is, it’s a lot different touring-wise, but are there any other big differences in terms of playing shows?

Mikaila: Australia and England – I feel like we’re just your little sibling. Alcohol is just more readily available here; that’s pretty much it [laughter].

You have to go to ‘bottle shops’ over there, right?

Teddie: Yeah, we’ve got our own separate little section with security sometimes at the front doors.

Mikaila: We went to the train station, and we went into a little supermarket-

Teddie: There was a little supermarket on the platform; there was beer, wine…

Mikaila: You can not do that at home. But that’s the only difference that I’ve seen from here to home. It’s very similar. Even the buildings look the same. It just all looks the same.

Teddie: I do like the weather here better though. I like the cold. I love the cold.

No one has ever said that before!

Teddie: I love the cold. I love the rain. I love gloomy weather. But then it’s nice to have one sunny day every now and then. But if I could have it my way, six days of the week – rainy, gloomy; one day – sunny.

Mikaila: He has no hair, so it doesn’t bother him [laughter]. He doesn’t have to get his hair wet and curly or anything like that, so don’t listen to him.


What’s your favourite thing about the UK that you don’t have in Australia?

Teddie: I know yours [Mikaila]! Cherry flavoured everything.

Mikaila: Yes! Everything here is cherry flavoured! That doesn’t happen at home. At home we have orange and all the boring flavours but here it’s cherry Coke, cherry cake – everything’s cherry flavoured. Every time we go to the supermarket, I leave with cherry flavoured everything.

We only just got grape Fanta though, so we’re still a bit behind.

Teddie: Oh, really? I love grape. Purple and blue flavoured anything is the best!

Yes! Always, always, always. So, what Australian bands would you like to recommend?

Mikaila: Down For Tomorrow.

Teddie: Yeah! Sick band. Best Dudes.

Mikaila: They’ve been here before, but they’re our good friends – Between You & Me.

Teddie: Yeah, Between You & Me, definitely check them out. I’m really into this melodic hardcore band called Blume; they’re super sick.

Mikaila: Stuck Out.

Teddie: Stuck Out, another good pop-punk band.

Mikaila: Red Hook’s here at the moment; it’s their first time here.

To end, give me a little known fact about each other.

Mikaila: I know you so well, I can’t even pick one. What can I even say out loud?

Teddie: Mikaila doesn’t know how to ride a bike.

I can’t either!

Teddie: I don’t wanna tease her about it, but I find it hilarious. It’s just one of those things that you assume everyone knows how to do.

Mikaila: The other day, they were like, “Let’s go rent those bikes and go for a ride,” and I was like, “I can’t ride a bike.” When I met Teddie, Teddie had no tattoos… I don’t know where I’m going with that. I feel like everyone knows you as the guy that has tattoos. I’m trying to think of a fact about you but…

Teddie: There are so many facts about me.

Mikaila: I was gonna say the Reece Mastin thing, but no one here would even know who he is.

Teddie: Did you guys ever hear of Reece Mastin?


Mikaila: In Australia, we have this guy that was on our X Factor, and Teddie looked exactly like him.

Teddie: It’s just the gap in the teeth; that’s all it is.

Mikaila: They had the same haircut, gap in the teeth, everything. So we used to literally go out and try to convince people that it was him.

Teddie: I wouldn’t try to convince people; people would come up to me like, “You look just like Reece Mastin!”

Mikaila: And he’d be like, “Yeah!”

Teddie: Yeah. I mean like, everyone loved him so if someone came up and said that to me – that’s a compliment.

Mikaila: Later on, I’ll think of a million things I know about you.

Teddie: I’ve got a list of things that you just wouldn’t expect. But we won’t go into that now.

I wanna know now!

Teddie: I’ve got lots of little weird things that I do. Or have done.

Mikaila: He chokes in his sleep. It’s disgusting.

Teddie: We’re the weirdest sleepers. The other two snore – oh my God. Brad’s like a lawnmower.

Mikaila: We were watching a movie last night, and we were all sitting there in silence, and Brad next to me starts snoring so loudly.

Teddie: So funny.

Mikaila: I almost killed him.

Teddie: We sleep in separate rooms to those two because we’re not the loudest sleepers.

Mikaila: We’re the quiet sleepers, and they’re the loud sleepers.

I wanna hear some more of the weird things about Teddie that he said he had a list of.

Teddie: I have a massive birthmark on my thigh. I have a pet lizard. I’ve got ‘fuck’ tattooed on me.

Mikaila: He did it himself.

Teddie: Yeah, I tattooed myself. It was pretty funny. It was really badly done.

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