BOO! is the first feature from Director Luke Jaden and focuses on the rituals and spirits of Halloween with plenty of jumps and thrills throughout its 90 minute runtime.

BOO! starts back in the 1980’s with an unknown man who has a sheet of paper with a ghost on it and a shotgun. We then fast forward to the current day and see a family receive the same paper on their doorstep.

The family father, James (Rob Zabrecky) burns the paper against his son Caleb’s (Jordan Piner) wishes. Mother and Daughter Elyse (Jill Marie Jones) and Morgan (Aurora Perrineau) both make fun of the situation but are soon regretting their scepticism.

The family’s issues are really the heart of the story throughout the movie and see the curse of BOO! take advantage of their weaknesses. The mother of the family has an addiction with medication, alcohol and cigarettes. Her son Caleb is obsessed with drawing creepy images, husband James is glued to the Bible and Morgan has suicidal thoughts driven by her relationships. All in all, not the most stable of families!

Whilst the chaos of the family is at the forefront of the movie, I feel as though it is also featured a bit too much throughout BOO! As a huge horror fan I always appreciate the build, but in this movie the curse which is clearly looming over the dysfunctional family is almost an after thought to their other day to day horrors that they face.

That said the final stretch of the movie certainly picks up and will get you to the edge of your seat, but we could of really done with a sprinkling of that intensity throughout.

BOO! is definitely worth a watch and as horror films go I have seen a lot worse. Having made its premiere at the Brooklyn Horror Film Festival, it is definitely an easy Saturday night viewing!

Dir: Luke Jaden

Scr: Luke Jaden, Diane Michelle

Cast: Jill Marie Jones, Rob Zabrecky, Aurora Perrineau, Jaden Piner

Prd: Ele Bardha, Phil Wurtzel

DoP: Nicholas Wisenet

Music: Jon Natchez

Country: USA

Year: 2019

Runtime: 90 mins

BOO! is available on digital download now.