With a line up decided by Bring Me The Horizon you’d expect it to be pretty good but All Points East this year was particularly great. Making a change from the festivals more mainstream line ups in the past today was blisteringly heavy.


Not only have Yonaka released their brilliant debut album today titled, Don’t Wait ‘Til Tomorrow, they are also playing All Points East festival. Echoing synth welcomes Yonaka onto the stage. Lead singer Theresa Jarvis captivates the amassed crowd as she owns the North Stage at All Points East this year. Her vocals are unique, static laced and vibrant. The second song they play is ignorance starting with plucky guitar, mood swinging between chunky thumping beats and more delicate guitar. Creature is enticing with its rawness and vulnerability .The music is powerful and boisterous with impulsive beats and frantic vocals. Yonaka’s live performance at All Points East is very impressive and they have proven themselves to be worthy of great things.

Nothing But Thieves:

Opening with Forever And Ever More Nothing But Thieves are electric with energy. Connor’s vocals are sensational. Next up is the fast track live like animals the speed at which Connor sings the verses is very impressive and difficult to keep up especially after a few pints. The crowd is manic at the best of times during Nothing But Thieves’ set but things particularly kick off for I’m not made by design, the whole front section of the crowd becoming one giant mosh pit. Things slow down a little for the ballad that is Particles and it was beautiful. It was slightly surprising to not hear the staple song If I Get High but with so much brilliant new material which has come after it, it’s understandable. This has been one hell of a comeback show for Nothing But Thieves after having been away writing their third record which we can’t wait to hear after the masterpiece that is I’m not made by design.

While she sleeps:

Brutally heavy While She Sleeps take to the North Stage at All Points East this year. Their crowd is huge but that is to be expected for a band that bring such relentless power to their live shows, even if you don’t know them they are insane to watch. When a band starts a wall of death only two songs in you know it’s going to be an insane set. Every song While She Sleeps plays is a contrast of face meltingly heavy and melodic with growling vocals and echoing guitar. Bring me the horizon’s Oli Sykes comes out for Silence Speaks joining Lawrence Taylor for a blisteringly heavy break down.


Architects are tumultuous with their live performance at All Points East this year. With deafening screams and melodic, ethereal calmer sections the band bring a perfect balance between light and heavy as they put on an explosive set. Each song  is manic but with its own unique twist as they bring something new to their incredible set with each song. Holy Hell’s introduction is eerie before going into the claustrophobic track as Sam Carter’s biting vocals sound formidable when mixed with the other instruments. Their set was as good as we expected from such a renowned band.

Bring Me The Horizon:

Opening with MANTRA Bring Me The Horizon riot onto the stage after an interesting introduction with bizarre visuals played on the stage’s screens. Joined by dancers in cult looking costumes and setting off a mass of purple confetti the band really know how to make an entrance. It’s probably best to hope that there is no feminists in the crowd with some of the comments lead singer Oli Sykes was coming up with, mentioning how the crowd should ‘Take their tampons out’. The set is a perfect mixture of new songs as well as a surprising amount of older tracks, including Pray For Plagues and It Never Ends. In the lead up to playing Medicine Oli Sykes says,

“Every relationship you get into there for a purpose no matter how bad it is. Some people are there to teach you, some people are there to use you, some people bring out the good in you and some people bring out the fucking worst in you. But it’s never a waste of time, they are either a blessing or they are a lesson. This song is about a lesson.”

One of the songs that the crowd goes particularly crazy for is Happy Song taking us back to the That’s The Spirit era. During A Wonderful Life the band is joined by Dani Filth from Cradle Of Filth featured in the music video, he even had the shopping trolley with him. Oli then later brings Architects front man Sam Carter out for The Sadness Will Never End the two have such a brilliant contrast in vocals that when together they sound phenomenal.

Before playing a beautiful acoustic version of Sleep Walking Oli talks about his struggle with mental health saying in an emotional speech;

“People started coming up to me saying ‘Your music, your lyrics, really helped me, they  saved my life and we had never fucking had that. That was fucking mad. That was really fucking weird because I was going through the hardest shit I’ve ever had to go through in my life and I have all these people coming up to me going ‘I know exactly how you feel, I feel exactly the same way and what you are saying on them songs, it helps me.’ That’s the most addictive feeling in the fucking world.

I want to make as many people in this world feel okay even if it’s just for a fucking minute.”

For Antivist the band are joined by Lotus Eater’s lead singer Jamie, the crowd screaming back the lyrics incredibly loud. The band come back for an encore of Throne which was boisterous and insuppressible before going into Drown for a spectacular finale.