Australian four-piece band The Faim are currently touring the US with Andy Black on ‘The Ghost Of North America Tour 2019’ which ends on the 17th of May.

Having toured America with Hands Like Houses at the end of last year, The Faim already have a small fan base in the states. The response from the American crowds appear to be nothing but positive for these Aussie rockers!

The talent they hold is undeniable. The fan feedback has been great, they are definitely increasing their following. From here, everything can only go upwards for this band that are full of energy and passion.

Here is what a few fans had to say about what they felt when seeing them:

“I had no idea who they were but they left a lasting impression on me. They are all welcoming and sweet” – Melissa, Chicago.

“The crowd reacted with so much emotion” – Tricia, New York.

Alongside the positive feedback, these guys have been hard at work doing promotion out in the states! They have done interviews with well known companies such as ‘Alternative Press’ and have been working hard doing acoustic performances whilst travelling between cities. These boys are constantly hardworking!

The Faim have even nabbed themselves a spot on JBTV Music Television which is one of the longest running American music shows dedicated to breakthrough artists! This is undeniably a milestone for them and their career as this will be their American television debut.

As time progresses it is easy to say that The Faim are definitely becoming the next big thing.

Feature image by Mac Praed.