Slaughter Beach, Dog began as a folky side project for Jake Ewald and this summer the project will feel more of a stable piece of the genre when they release their second full length album “Safe And Also No Fear”.

The band has announced a track list, and two singles today “One Down” and “Good Ones”. Being the first two tracks on the new album, it feels as if the band is truly giving us a look as the album in sound and emotion. “One Down” is bluesy and folky as you can get, slide guitar and humming acoustics carry the heaviness of the lyrics in a gentle and beautiful way. “Good Ones” is more upbeat in sound, but still carries a heaviness and grounded content lyrically. This small taste of the album is very exciting to see what the rest will entail.

01 “One Down”
02 “Good Ones”
03 “Dogs”
04 “Black Oak”
05 “Petersburg”
06 “Tangerine”
07 “Heart Attack”
08 “One Day”
09 “Map Of The Stars”
10 “Anything

Safe And Also No Fear is out 8/2 on Big Scary Monsters.