What do you get if you cross an insane amount of energy, emotion, talent and rap verses that have you hooked? Well, something worth adding to your Spotify playlist to be sure.

And that’s exactly what Belaganas are. Differing from track to track, there’s the glum, brooding Silk that makes you feel everything you were feeling in high school and more, the angsty but addicting Watch, there’s an option for any mood.

While they’ve only got a few tracks under their belt, their all bangers, and it’s not hard to imagine that with a full length album, they’re going to be big. So we just had to speak to them before they blow.


Firstly, how would you explain your sound to someone who had never heard it?

If the Beastie Boys were depressed high schoolers that liked pop music.

Is music something you’ve always wanted to make, if you weren’t doing that what would you be doing?

Music is the only option for the three of us. There’s nothing else we could pursue professionally and still be generally happy with where we are in life.

How did you all end up getting together as a group?

Me and Joey were both initially heavily involved in theater and the performing arts community. We met through mutual friends in that circle and both learned we could rap, so we started making music.

Nick and I had gone to the same high school (him graduating two years before me). I had reached out to him over Twitter DMs and asked if he’d be interested in playing a show with us. After figuring out how well we all worked together, the band really started to take off.

What does your writing process look like?

Whether self-producing or working with our in-house producer, Austin, our writing process stays pretty similar.

We identify a specific feeling or mood that we’ve been feeling as of late that we want to translate into music, and base everything else off of that. Songwriting is really more therapy for us than it is anything else.

What are your biggest challenges as a group?

As a group, coordinating schedules can be tough as hell, especially because we all live so far from one another. Our rate of releasing content isn’t where we’d like it to be, and that’s due largely to how difficult it is to get all of us in a room together.

We’re constantly working around school/work schedules. That should hopefully be remedied in the next year or so (as we’re planning on moving in together).

Tracks like Silk and Watch have extremely different vibes, is this intentional or did it just happen naturally?

In most cases, we write exactly what we’re feeling.

And the past year or so has been an emotional roller coaster for us (to say the least).  We don’t intentionally try to make songs with such contrasting energies, we as people just go through a lot of ups and downs in life, all the while trying to stay honest about what we’re experiencing in the moment.

Is there a specific message you want to get across in your music?

It only gets better from here.

What influences you most? Whether this is other musicians/movies/books or your own life events?

Being young artists raised in the era of the internet, it’s hard not to wear your inspirations on your sleeve when making music.

We’ve been working on developing a distinct and organic sound as of late, one that’s not completely void of inspiration (because that’s impossible), but just doesn’t take it too far. As late-90s/early-2000s babies, we grew up during the back half of the Odd Future “wave,” and more recently watched the rise of Kevin Abstract and Brockhampton into pop stardom. Them, as well as other artists like Stevie Wonder, Mac Miller, Childish Gambino, etc. are also huge influences to us as people and as musicians.

Is there anywhere you desperately want to play, whether it is a country, city or venue?

Going to Europe sounds like a dream.

What do you want to achieve in the second half of 2019?

We want to reach a place where music is the only priority.  Where we can live sustainably off of doing what we love, so we don’t have to stress over 9-to-5s or other bullshit like that. That may be a little more long term, but it’s definitely the point we want to reach.

I guess we also just want to be happier people. But doesn’t everyone?

Listen to Watch, below.

Featured Image Credit – Belaganas twitter.


By Amber Denwood

Amber is an aspiring writer and successful queer girl currently living in Manchester, UK. She enjoys all kinds of music and TV, and really enjoys tweeting about this at @ambzld