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Got7 are a powerful machine.

Their international line-up, means they can interact with their fans from all over (including Thailand-born BamBam and Hong-Kong born Jackson Wang.) Their complex visuals and choreography are bound to leave you stunned. Their vocals entwine together to form tracks you can get quite literally lost in.

They’ve truly got all angles covered.

And this level of talent and work-ethic has never been as evident as it is in the 6 tracks of their latest release, Spinning Top.

From the first track, 1°, it’s clear Got7 aren’t messing around. Gone are the days of Girls Girls Girls (which is still a banger of a debut track.) Gone are the carefree, mischievous rookies. 1° bares all of the band’s troubles and innermost dialogues.

The lyrics translate to a tale of uncertainty and self-doubt (a theme we expected, since the full album is titled Spinning Top: Between Security & Insecurity.) Though, they seem on the surface to writhe over a relationship that is almost too good to be true, it isn’t hard to read them as the band considering their fame. Being nominated for a BBMA, and having just announced a stadium world tour, they are quite literally on the brink of world domination.

Therefore, lines like ‘Pray to not tilt, not even 1 degree’ and ‘I hope everything will stay the same’ are easily attributed to the bands’ current status, which is further supported by the fact they’re a group who can be quite hard on themselves (often promising to do better, and work harder to gain more love in South Korea.)

Even stripped back and without reading too far into it, the song drips with emotion. Jinyoung’s bridge tugs at the heartstrings with silky smooth vocals, building up to Youngjae’s sincere proclamation of ‘Look at me, I’m afraid’ in the chorus.

And that is only the first track.

Eclipse, the second (and lead) track, goes just as hard.

Where 1° showcases the vocal line’s talent, Eclipse gives the rappers of the band their time to shine. The rap verses, spat with passion and unfaltering speed, perfectly match the power and tempo of the track, with a standout line from Jackson being “You’re believing in me alone.” This seems like a testament to the pressure of being an idol in an industry so notorious for putting pressure on its performers.

The music video, just like much of this EP, showcases how well the seven members work together, with choreography that seems to take all seven men and transform them into one moving part.

The unexpected underdog of the track list is TIME OUT.

The song plays through like chewing bubblegum. Set to a backing track which never quite repeats itself, or falls into any sort of regular rhythm, it’s a song that keeps you on your toes (and makes you quite literally want to get onto your feet.) And if you don’t find yourself singing along to Yungeom’s chants of ‘yeah, yeah, yeah’ you’re lying.

It is a track that proves that GOT7 are more than just their lyrics, even without a translation it is impossible not to enjoy the effort put into something you can bop along to. The tone and emotion with which the lines are delivered let you know that these are 7 men working to their full potential, and even your idols need a Time Out sometimes…

Another point that TIME OUT manages to hammer home, is that while BamBam might not have a lot of lines to perform, when he does, they can be heard. It is hard not to shout out his delivery of ‘ON MY WAY’ along with him. Showing that each member is as important as the next.

All in all, for fans of the band, this EP is a showcase of the talent you’ve grown to love –  and for those who weren’t fans when they listened, you probably are now.

Check out the album below, and be sure to get tickets to see GOT7 on tour when they are released:


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By Amber Denwood

Amber is an aspiring writer and successful queer girl currently living in Manchester, UK. She enjoys all kinds of music and TV, and really enjoys tweeting about this at @ambzld

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