Anyone who has been a fan of Asking Alexandria since the beginning has seen frontman Danny Worsnop‘s voice change and mature along with him and last years self-titled AA record brought us a whole new level of depth to both the band and Worsnop himself.

Shades of Blue takes us one step further and gives us Danny Worsnop at his best. This second solo record is an unpredictable rollercoaster of tempos, emotions, and raw talent. After opening with the familiar bluesy tones of ‘Little Did I Know’ and ‘The Best Bad Habit’, we’re catapulted into ‘Keep On Lovin’ and everything changes. I never expected to hear a full-on disco-era banger on a Danny Worsnop record, but if anyone in the music industry today can pull it off, its him. We should have learned to expect the unexpected with Worsnop by now, this is a man who likes to break the rules and refuses to be put into a box.

Shades of Blue still features those beautiful songs of desolation that Danny is so good at. After listening to the heartbreaking ‘Tomorrow’ and the haunting ‘I’ve Been Down’ you will be ready for the relief of the kick-ass, unapologetic closing track ‘Ain’t Feeling Sorry’.

Shades of Blue is a gumbo pot of styles – Otis Reading, Chris Stapleton, Eric Clapton, maybe even a little bit of Michael Bolton – but overall, this record (and Danny himself) is unique and impossible to label or pigeonhole, and that’s what makes them both brilliant.