We’re getting ever so closer to THE PPV… wait, no Backlash? Money in the Bank?! That’s fine I guess. The Ladder matches guaranteed to have you guessing is almost among us, so let’s see what happened this week as we check into the Smackdown Live Review!

To Kick off the show, Michael Cole interviewed Kofi Kingston showing highlights on his road to glory for all those that weren’t aware. Kofi then announced he would challenge Kevin Owens to a match at Money in the Bank. Owens interrupted and accepted, and the two argued until Xavier Woods attacked Owens from behind. Owens got the upper hand and sat woods down with one big superkick. Though slightly dubious as woods attacked from behind, they did address that tensions are high in the New Day and Woods acted out of defence for his friend.

All The Bits Inbetween

  • Becky Lynch defeated Bayley. Bayley is the first woman announced for Smackdown’s half of the women’s Money in the Bank ladder match. Lynch countered a top rope elbow drop with her knees and locked in the Disarmer for the submission victory. After the match, Charlotte Flair attacked both women.
  • The Hardy Boyz relinquished the Smackdown Tag Team Championship due to Lars Sullivan attacking and injuring Jeff. Lars Sullivan showed up to attack them again, R-Truth… tried. He received a powerbomb for his troubles
  • Asuka and Kairi Sane defeated local talent. Sane won the match with an Insane Elbow.
  • Roman Reigns cut a promo about punching Vince McMahon in the face. Shane “look at my punchable face” McMahon interrupted and made an impromptu handicap match featuring The B Team. If you thought The B Team would beat Roman Reigns… What’s wrong with you?
  • Finn Bálor and Ali defeated Andrade and Randy Orton. Ali pinned Andrade with an 054. After the match, Orton hit an RKO on Bálor. Ali superkicked him out of the ring and stood tall.

Here’s the Rundown of each Smackdown Live member entering the Money in the Bank match;

  • Finn Bálor, Ali, Andrade, and Randy Orton 
  • Mandy Rose, Bayley, Ember Moon, Carmella 

KO Show

Lastly, Kevin Owens tried to have Xavier Woods on The KO Show, but Woods didn’t show up. Without his much-needed guests, Owens then did the next best thing. Kevin Owens interviewed Xavier Woods and Big E action figures. There is no emoji for what I’m feeling, ecstatic. This all sadly came to an end when Kofi Kingston came out to beat the New Daylights out of Kevin Owens. They brawled until Owens escaped into the crowd. An excellent way to build to their upcoming match and makes Kevin look cocky and witty as ever, absolutely cannot wait for this match.