Hi Pkew Pkew Pkew, how are you doing today?
Pretty good! I just won three bucks on a bingo scratch ticket. 
What are your pronouns, just so we get that right? 
He, him, guys.
Can you tell me about your band, and why you started playing music?
We started the band to avoid working at our old office jobs. It was a nice escape that would eventually end in termination. 
How does your song-writing process work?
I just like to write about my life in an honest way and I like to keep the boring stuff in and see if I can make it a little bit interesting. 
Your album ‘Optimal Lifestyles’ comes out this week, is it a relief to see it out in the wild?
Ya, it’s been a long time since we released new music and we’re very excited to tour new songs. We will get to feel nervous about playing again for the first time in a long time. 
Your musical style covers a seemingly endless list of genres, do you each have very different favorite bands?
Ya, the only band that all of us love is The Darkness. 
How does that inspiration slip in to your songwriting process?
After the song is written and the band starts to play it in practice things just naturally evolve when each guy lends his style on each instrument. 
What other releases would you recommend to people that enjoy your music?
The Hold Steady, Japandroids, Titus Andronicus, The Menzingers, The Bouncing Souls, Culture Abuse. 
What does the rest of 2019 have in store for you?
TOURING. Lots of touring. All over North America. 2 or 3 trips to Europe. And lots more on the way. 
What can we expect from your live dates in the UK this year? Tell us about a PKEW live experience!
A party. Probably a human pyramid, and then we’ll all drink beers together. 
How do you take care of yourself/each other on tour?
In America we avoid eating shitting food, which is most of it. In Europe we eat everything. Sleep when we can. Emmett usually goes for a run once a tour. 
Outside of music what are your interests?
American football (the kind you play with your hands) Go Birds. Honestly, with the upcoming release, I can’t even think of what else I’m into. Being in a band is relentless, especially at our level.
Where can we hear more or buy some records? 
In the UK and Europe, Big Scary Monsters is the place to get vinyl. We’re on all the streamers.