Nothing More opened up the stage with hauntingly beautiful stage production, singer Jonny started the gig atop what can only be described as a 10+ ft ladder with an air raid siren on the top of it.

This entrance made the wait (of no support) worth while and let the crowd know what they were in for. A rig like this was brilliant to see in a slightly smaller venue and kept the show interesting and unique.

Jonny simply didn’t stop moving throughout the show using every inch of the stage to engage as much of the crowd as possible, but he didn’t over shadow the rest of the band in the slightest way.

The whole band worked incredibly well together interacting with each other and the crowd.

Nothing was lost from taking songs from album to live show especially when it came to things like the backing vocals and other elements (Jonnys amazing drumming rig). Nothing More are redefining what a live rock show looks like in 2019, not to be missed.

Papa Roach know their crowd, opening up with “Last Resort” which set the crowd on fire. Singer Jacoby Shaddix can only be described as a crowd master, he didn’t stop during the whole set which was amazing to witness.


Papa Roach kept the crowd ecstatic from beginning to end, Blending their newer tracks like “Elevate” with the powerhouse classics like “Between Angels and Insects” keeping each fan happy not matter what era of Papa Roach you’re into. 

Their new light show put together for this tour, shows that the band don’t want to do the usual when it comes to rock and metal shows. This was not dark and moody, this was celebratory and inclusive.


In an era where we need champions to talk about mental health, Papa Roach as always can be relied on to set an example. Covering “firestarter” by the Prodigy following a heart felt tribute to Keith Flint.