Charlotte was the support act for Newton Faulkner during this tour. She has played a few shows with him in the past and she is the perfect artist to open the gig for him.


She is a solo artist with session guitarist. During the set there were lively numbers on guitar, ballad’s on the keys and a stunning vocal range. Charlotte performed with an immense vocal power showcasing lots of sustained vocal parts.


Her voice sounds huge. Even during technical difficulties (a stage prop smashing), Charlotte didn’t lose her professionalism. There was great banter in between songs and an overall lovely demeanour from both Charlotte and her guitarist.


Newton created a beautiful atmosphere from the first note.

His stage set up was extremely impressive and I found it fascinating to see how he performed the songs I’ve listened to for the past 10 years live. As I imagined his voice was even better than recorded, like a true professional of doing what he does best for 10+ years.


During the set he would move between the larger set up and just using his acoustic guitar. This expert use of minimal equipment achieved that high quality sound fans have come to expect of him.


From beginning to end, he gave a brilliant performance, responding well to hecklers and interacting with the crowd, especially during the infamous kazoo parts of the show, where he got the crowd to kazoo along to parts of the set.


My favourite part though, was that he chose to drink tea on stage, there’s nothing more Newton that that.